Southeast Region By: Logan B. Sisco

Physical and human characteristics

The States in the Southeast Region

These are the states in the Southeast Region: Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi.


The Southeast Region has rolling hills, flat plains, and beautiful coastlines. Swamplands and wetlands can also be found in this region. The swamplands and wetlands have alligators, fish, frogs, and snakes. The Appalachian Mountains is a landform in this region, and the highest elevations in the Appalachians are in the northern division, with Maine’s Mount Khatadin is 5,268 feet high. The beaches are really beautiful, where the sand is white and you can relax by the water. The Southeast Region is really beautiful and there are a ton of places to see.

Bodies of Water

The bodies of water in this region are really gorgeous . They are the Mississippi River, Arkansas River, Tennessee River, Ohio River, and the Cumberland River. If you like fishing or boating this is your region. The Arkansas River is 1,469 miles long and there is a lot of fish. The reason the rivers in this region are gorgeous is because of the lily pads and the flowers in the water and the animals are kind and friendly.


It is warm in the summer, and it is cool in the winter. if you like surfing in the summer or just chillin in the winter this is your region.They don't get much rain because this region is dry.One time we didn't have rain for three months.


The only language that they speak in the Southeast Region is English, so if you speak English this is your region. If you speak english you should come here.

Natural Resources

The resources in this region are very useful if you like chemicals, glass, dairy, electricity, land, ocean, minerals, and fuels. These resources are very useful if you ever need them.


The housing in this Region Should be good for you if your type of housing is brick, wood, cement, and beach houses. So if you need a comfortable home you should live here and a nice place to live you should live here in the Southeast Region.


These settlements in this Region are very relaxing here are some settlements in the Southeast Region Atlanta, Miami, and Tampa. These settlements are very nice and calm.

So if you need a place without having to worry about anything this is your region.

Fun Facts

  • There is famous battlefields like Fredericksburg. There is also historic cemeteries such as Arlington National Cemetery and historic homes such as Monticello.
  • This region is home of Disney World
  • Florida has 19,552,860 people.

Key Words

  • Monticello- The Monticello was a town and also a person.
  • Settlements- A settlement is a nice and calm place.
  • Appalachian- A mountain that is 6,683 feet high.
  • Katahdin- A mountain that is 5,268 feet high.


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