By Dominic Grella

The Blue Planet...A Gas Giant

Neptune's distance from the sun is 2.8 billion miles. Neptune has thirteen moons. Neptune's order from the sun is eight. One year on Neptune equals 164 Earth years. One day on Neptune equals 16 hours and 17 minutes on Earth. Neptune has 6 rings around it. It has 13 moons. Neptune is 17 times the size of Earth.

Planet Reasearch Imformation

Neptune got it's name from the god of water. It was also associated with the Greek god Poseidon. It was discovered by Johann Galle and Heinrich D'Arrest in 1846. The color of my planet is blue. In Neptune's atmosphere, there is a large white cloud that moves around rather quickly they call it "Scooter". Neptune is a very windy place. No other planet in the Solar System has winds that are as strong as Neptune's

Neptune is an awesome planet