Parent Meeting

If you were unable to the attend the parent meeting, I am sending home a folder today with the information. If you have any questions please connect with me. I would also like some feedback from those who were here. We had a rather poor showing last night so maybe we need to rethink what we are doing. I know we can do things better, so please help me do that.

Spelling sort o, e, and u

1. wet 2.job 3.hug 6.mud 7.left

9.plum 10.nut 13.get 14.not 15.lunch 16.spend

Next week students will have an opportunity for challenge words, depending on how they do on their pre-test. SPELLING HOME WORK IS THE PAPER WE CALL THE TREE MAP.


MATH HOMEWORK IS A WORKSHEET EACH WEEK. They need to complete it and return by Friday. Please look over your child's work and help them when needed.

Due Friday

Monarch Butterfly Discussion at home

  1. What are the 4 stages of the monarch butterfly?
  2. What does the monarch caterpillar eat?
  3. What does the monarch butterfly eat?
  4. Where do monarch butterflies go when they leave Minnesota?
  5. How long does it take for the monarch butterfly's wings to dry?

Bus Safety

We will review the bus safety rules this week. Please remind your child of the danger zones when boarding and unloading.
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Story this week Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon

Skills: Statements and Questions, Multiple meaning words (ex. ring)


Library check out is Wednesday.
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