Brushy Creek Trail is in Danger!!!

Help us now!

The Trail is Being Destroyed?!

Yes, it could become a reality, the Brushy Creek Trail might be DESTROYED! In its place will be 140 feet tall power towers! We need to help save the trail NOW!

This is what's happening. Round Rock needs more energy for homes so they are building power towers to get energy from Leander. But they plan to build the towers along our beautiful Brushy Creek Trail. We must come up with a possible solution to save the trail.

The Facts

According to my resources the towers will be 100 feet long and have 100 feet of space in all directions. There will be 2.5 miles of land cleared for the towers (that's 4.02 km and 13,200 ft.) That is equal to 118,800 school boxes! If all proposed routes become a reality the there will be 396 towers along the trail. That won't be a very pretty sight, will it?

These are some photos of all that will be destroyed and what it will be replaced by.

There are many ways to save the trail

How to save the trail

One way to save the trail is to write a letter to the company telling them to build the towers on a different route instead of on the Brushy Creek Trail. Another thing you can do is post flyers to spread the word. Finally, you can make your own solutions! Be creative and do what it takes to save the trail!

Help us Now!!

Below there is a video about the trail that you can also watch. There is also a link to google maps to see the distance between your house and the towers. Help save our trail today!
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