Fighting Through Your Hardships

By: Isha Akella

Oprah Winfrey and the Adversities she Overcame

Oprah Winfrey had to overcome many adversities in order to succeed. First of all since the moment Oprah joined the radio station people always thought she shouldn't have been there because of her ethnicity. Another thing Oprah had to persevere through was her co-workers. They did not like Oprah and always gave her a hard time. The last thing that Oprah had to overcome was her teenage pregnancy. Oprah's baby died in infancy and tried her best to hide it. But years after her career took off, a tabloid got a hold of the story and exposed her. Through all the hardships and adversities that Oprah faced, she never stopped persevering.
This is Luis Urzua. He was one of the men trapped in the Chilean mining accident. When everyone was panicking, Urzua helped everyone find order. He also made sure no one would lose hope, which is how he persevered. He never lost hope, even after 69 days, even when it seemed like they would never get rescued.

How Maxcy Filer and Stephen Cannell Overcame Their Adversities

Maxcy Filer was the man who failed the bar exam 47 times. No one had ever failed it that many times, and kept trying to pass it. Maxcy was the exception. Maxcy Filer had his heart set on becoming a lawyer and he knew that he would eventually become one. Maxcy didn't stop even when his son's where taking the bar exam with him, and passed. He didn't stop even after 47 times of trying. He had the encouragement of all his friends and his family, which kept him going, and on his 48th try... he passed. Stephen Cannell, however, did not know what his adversity was. He had flunked grades many times and graduated at the lowest level of his class. But Stephen never knew the problem that was working against him. Instead he kept on flunking grades and writing short stories. A few years after he graduated, Stephen found out he had dyslexia. He never knew the reason why he was slower than others. Even though Stephen had dyslexia he was a phenomenal writer. When he was discovered, Stephen became one of the greatest writer in the industry. He didn't let dyslexia stop him. These two people persevered through their adversities and succeeded in the end.
This is Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor persevered because even though she had a rough childhood she fought for what she believed in. Growing up she had an abusive father who was an alcoholic. When she got older and got married, her husband cheated on her. But Eleanor never let any of that hold her back. She worked towards her cause.

The Effect Jackie Robinson's Criticism Had On Him

Jackie Robinson was one of the greatest baseball players of his time. But he also had to face the biggest problem of that time, the color of your skin. Jackie Robinson's skin color was darker than most, which brought a lot of criticism. People had so much hatred towards dark-skinned people, that when Branch Rickey was looking for a black player to bring into the majors, he had to keep it secret. Once Jackie was signed onto the Brooklyn Dodgers he endured many comments as well as physical attacks. At every game Jackie attended people would make fun of him and throw things at him. But Jackie didn't let that stop him, the comments didn't make him quit. Instead Jackie worked hard to prove he was meant to be on the team. After some time, people finally saw it, Jackie Robinson was an amazing player and deserved to be in the majors. Most people would quit something if they had to endure as much as Jackie, but the effect all that had on Jackie is that it pushed him to work harder and prove his worth.