Our game is the best game if you want to have fun with your friends!

The game TRUTH OR DARE is a game that allows you to have fun with your friends anytime your bored. You don't have to worry about not having fun at a sleep over or if you're bored you can even make some more dares and add it if you want. People 8 years old and up would enjoy this because they would understand it a lot more and they could make up some more truth or dares.

cards, little plastic pieces

Come play our game i bet you will love it!!!!

you can play this game as long as you want!

How to play the game

To play this game you need game pieces. For this game there's three pieces that come with it but you can add more pieces if you have more people. You roll the dice and what ever you land on you move up then if you land on a card that says truth or dare you go pick the card up then whatever the dare is you do and you can add whatever truth or dares you want.