Turning Plants into BioFuel

Jeff Giaquinto & Ben Perrella

What is the process of turning plants into BioFuel?

This is the process by which scientists use Biomass cellulose, roots, and leaves to create fuel using a very in depth process.

-Biomass with sugars and water is conveyed over a “nickel-tin catalyst” and is cleaned out of its hydrogen atoms-Stream is then cleaned out of its water by being treated with acids

-Then the formed liquid is conveyed over a “solid base catalyst” and forms it to cause long carbon chains, called alkanes .

-Then this newly formed liquid is then ran through a “plantinum-silca-alumina catalyst” at high temperatures

How is it currently being used?

BioFuel is a main source of gas. It is used in cars and can be used for anything requiring some sort of fuel, like heat .

What is the benefit of BioFuel?

BioFuel is similar in structure to normal fuel, but it has a lot of advantages over it. For starters , biofuel has only 2 byproducts water and heat. To continue, on average 1.3 billion tons of BioMass waste are produced per year. If BioFuel were made of out that waste we could replace at least ⅓ of the petroleum used in the United States . Also, BioFuel produces much less air pollutants such as sulfur and nitrogen oxides.
How Plants Could Power The Future

How does it affect organisms(Animals)?

This process can potentially affect many living animals because it requires Biomass; plants, in which many animals rely on for things like food.
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What is the economic affect of producing BioFuel?

Currently, Biofuel is currently more expensive than normal gas. Not only is it a tad bit more expensive, we will have to build more places to make such fuel. Also older cars will need to get new engines, because Biofuel, works with the latest of Diesel engines.
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How does BioFuel affect the environment?

Biofuel doesn’t generally affect the environment because it has much less pollutants when it burns.

How does Biofuel affect the world on a social aspect?

It affects the world in a social aspect because if biofuel can be produced in the US, then it could cause strife in the middle East. If no one depends on foreign oil anymore, then eastern countries would lose a ton of money. Saudi Arabia has about 20% of the known oil reserves in the world, and biodiesel would affect their economy drastically.

How will Biofuel affect the future?

Biofuel will decrease the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the world and would increase the quality of air. It could also affect the economy of the middle east by decreasing the amount of money middle eastern countries make, do to the production of Biofuel.