Tiger Tidbits: Nov./Dec. Edition

Instructional Strategies and Resources at Your Fingertips

Improving Instruction: 8 Areas That Matter Most

Here we go with 8 influences that could help provide better opportunities for learning in the classroom...

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We often don't change our practices because we don't know where to start. Choose one of the influences from above and take 30 days to really focus on making the change in your classroom.

Taken from original EdWeek post by Peter DeWitt (2015)

There Are More Ways Than One to Teach a Minilesson

Click to read about more ways to approach writing minilessons throughout your units of study!

The Power of Conferring with Readers

A Reading Conference: Assessment-Based Responsive Teaching to Support Comprehension ( K-2 )
12 Things Kids Want From Their Teachers

By Angela Maiers 1. Greet me each day 2. Smile 3. Give me Your Attention...click above to read more!

Technology Upgrades for Performance Tasks

latest blog post from Jay McTighe

I-High Five (Teacher Highlight of the Month): KINDERGARTEN TEAM

Readers use reading powers to read! Reading super powers have been transforming the kindergarten classrooms as students have been delving into their current unit of study.

Students have been learning and applying various reading strategies that support them in their reading. From super reader glasses and shields, to super reader capes, students are able to transfer their understandings into their independent reading routines. Thank you kindergarten team for empowering your students!

Just For fun: 'Tis the Season! Make Every Day a Holiday! Just Ask Kid President :)

Kid President and Craig Robinson Go Cat Caroling
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