what hemisphere do you use more

left or right


The brain is a very complexe systum that has many functions, but who researches about these different functions? Neuroscientists. The brain works in many ways and it isn't very easy depicting these different systums. Your brain goes to the gym every time a problem ackers. Find out more about how the brain works, read on.

What does your brain do?

There are different sides to the brain called hemispheres. The left side of the brain is said to work with math, logic, and language arts. While the right side works with music, art, and judge mood or personality. Although these two sides of the brain are split, they still work together. Your brain has a mind of its own, it has so many functions neuroscientists haven't even gotten close to seeing what the different parts all do. There are different parts of the brain called regions, when your brain is given a problem they all work together to find who is most capable to finding the solutions. There are three main networks called the executive, imagination, and the salience network. the executive network controls when you have to consontrate on a chalangeing lecture. the imagination network controls your different dynamic mental images from your previece experiences. The salience network monitors what is going on the outside of your body while it also monitors your stream of conscienceness.

What is Neuroscience?

Neuroscience is the study of the brain. The people who study the brain are called neuroscientists. They are trying to find out how much of the brain humans are using, they think that we use one hemisphere more than the other. Neuroscientists are coming up with different products to integrate machines with human features, functions and knowledge.
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different parts of the brain.

The brain is divided into many different two hemispheres which each have there perposes. The only reason why your brain works as good as it does is because those two hemispheres are connected through a 200-250 million nerve fiber called the corpus callosum. There are other parts of the brain too. like the primary motor cortex, central sulcus, primary somatosensory cortex, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, cerebellum, temporal lobe, olfactory bulb and the frontal lobe. The inside of the brain looks very different which you'll see in the image above.
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