Kepler 10c sullust

searching for a new home

The closest Thing To Earth

Kepler 10c or "Sullust", as the common name, is an exoplanet that will replace are earth as we know it. Earth is no longer suitable place to live due to pollution and global warming. Sullust is only 11billion years old and is the most massive rocky planet ever discovered. For this it is nicknamed "Godzilla of all Earths".

things you should know

problems/ solutions

Problems: 1) It's too hot to have any life.

2)food and water supply for the travel there and when we are there.

3) Ship that would last 5,600 years.

Solutions:1) Suits with cooling or a air conditioner unit that would keep a area cold enough for us.

2)Start to find food/ water on Kepler 10c.

3)Make sure it's made of good metal and have other ships not in use in case the main one breaks down.