Police Crisis Cases

Is it really a crisis?

My Big Question

My main question was to find out whether or not the police are doing what's right, or if the cases recorded really are from police brutality. What I found out is that the cases vary in answers, depending on the acused. Some cases people yelled at the police and found he did what was right, others the police kill a man in cold blood because they thought their lives were in danger, and get away with it, and others have the police getting fired, fined, or even jail time.


One of the questions that formed while I was researching was what abuse the victums and accused have faced. I learned that police have gotten away with many crimes, including murder (Washington Post) (CNN). Another of the questions that I asked was why many cases were considered racist. The reasoning behind this is that many cases involve a minority dying (Washington Post). I continued to read that that officers are being profiled as racist because of a few individual cases affecting views on other cases.