Stop Racism!

Written By: Cole Horvath

How Did Slavery Begin?

Slavery began when European merchants started the Triangular Trade. The triangular trade was a three-way trade involving three countries, these countries were North America, Europe, and Africa. Textiles, rum and manufactured goods went to Africa from Europe. Then Africa sent slaves to America. Finally, America sent sugar, tobacco, and cotton to Europe. Slaves were carried in slave ships. Slave ships were the ships that sent

slaves from Africa to America. For slaves, this was not like a vacation cruise. They were all crammed under deck, where they had no room to move and were always touching someone. The crew on the ship just threw food under deck and you were lucky to get any of it. There were many diseases passed on too. There were many slaves needed for the New World. The people that lived in the New World had a lot of building to do. They have to build a bunch of stuff, and they have to start to grow food. With slaves, it was a lot easier since there were more of them to build things and grow food. There were a lot more slaves in the South than the North. This was because the South liked slaves, the North grew to not like it.

Slaves had a rough life. They were always given something simple to eat like a bowl of rice, they work well after sundown, sleep for three hours, then wake up before sunrise. When slaves were busted doing something wrong or something they're not supposed to do, they will be severely beaten with a whip or some other weapon that will hurt. Owners didn't let the slaves go to school because they could learn how to read and write and then they could write a letter and send it to someone that can free them. They let them go to church sometimes because the owners didn't believe in God so praying wouldn't help the slaves. The owners did let them get married and have kids because they can make the kids that were born slaves. The way slaves were treated in the United States varied by place and time, but was generally degrading and brutal. Whipping, execution and sexual abuse of women, including rape, were common. If a slave was trying to escape, the punishment would be very severe. Runaways would be sold South. Runaways would also be beaten and forced to do very hard work.

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Racial Equality

There are problems with racial equalities today. There are racial problems all over the country. Young kids like 3 years old to 5 years old were interviewed about it. They would show a specific skin color a number of different kids with different skin tones and the kids always chose the opposite skin color to be dumb, stupid, or bad behavior. All of them went with the other skin color. Whenever a cop shoots the opposite skin color, there just has to be some protesting. Everybody just supposes that he shot him because their skin colors are different.

I think a good idea would be a public service announcement every month so people could've realized how bad slavery was. The public service announcement would catch everybody's attention. The public service announcement would explain the struggle the slaves would have to deal with every day. Hopefully somebody would do something about it and convince people to realize how bad slavery is, or try and free some or stop it from happening.

The public service announcement would come on the air once a month. It would interrupt radios and TVs. There will also be an ad on the computer and a preview about slavery before most movies. Sometimes when they come on the air, they will have a person who once was a slave to give everybody evidence about what it is truly about. Most of the time, there will just a be an expert on slavery. They will explain slaves day-to-day routine including; meals, hours working, how much sleep they would get, etc.

Cole horvath