old yeller

by Fred Gipson.


The setting of the book old yeller is, Arliss,trever, Mrs.coates,and Mr. coates live in a small town the salt licks. Mr.coates left and will be back in 2-3 months so he could try and sell the cattle to make money for the family. The family has to try and survive on there own. This book is in the past.


I have learned alot of things in this book but the theme is treat people the way you want to be treated. In the book travis hates the dog old yeller and wants to kill him. Until yeller helps travis get food and save other people then travis starts to care for him. yeller is a nasty dog but a caring and good dog. the old yeller has an ear missing and dirty. He is also a very good dog.

Conflict and plot

The exposition in old yeller is Arliss Travis Mrs.Coates and Mr. Coates live in a small town the salt licks. The complication is, mr.coates had to leave and sell the cattle for money for the family. The rising action is, mr Coates had to leave, Travis has to shoot to get food, the family is alone without a father. The climax is the dad is on his way back from sellin the cattle. The falling action is the dad gets home safe and they have more money. The resolution is, the family is back together.

The conflict in this story is Travis has to go get all the food for the family and he family is very poor but has enough money to live. There are a lot of good things and bad things in this story. The old yeller dog is in Travis s way he says! He want to shoot him but he doesn't . When the old yeller dog starts helping arliss and Travis they all start to like him. Then somebody tried and take old yeller away and arliss or Travis wouldn't let him so ithe only way he would give the dog back is if he asked his mom to make a good homemade meal . Travis asked his mom and his mom said ok. Then Travis and arliss got the dog back and the man got his meal. (Man vs man). (Man vs nature)


I Recomend this book because it was a very good book it made me excited at some point and made me sad at another. This book is a very old book that was written a long time ago! I think this book was probably one of the best book I have read. This book was not a disappointing book you would want to keep on reading and not stop!