Budgeting project

By Jake Henshied


I go to The Academy of arts in San fransisco to get a masters degree and be an architect.


My employment is on architecture. I make around $134,000 a year and $15,000 a month.


I drive an Audi 2015 A8 L4.0T for $108,000 total and $2,255 a month. My insurance is Allstate for 250 a month and average gas cost per month is $400. There is a picture below.
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For collage I will love with family but after I will live in a condo downtown Fort Worth. It cost $339,000 total and $2,299 per month. Electricity cos $150 a month, water cost $40 a month, Internet cost $200 a month and insurance covers theft, fire and cost 62 a month. Pictures of my house are below

Living expenses

Living expenses on phone, $80 per month. Clothing, $100 per month . Entertainment, $235 per month. Regular grocerys cost around $266.83 per month. total spent on living a month? $1100.72.

Family expenses

I want my child care to be my wife because I want them to be taught my way not some babysitter. I have to kids. Health insurance will cost $328 per month.