A walk in my pointes

Ballet pointes

Ballet pointe shoe history

Ballet was established 200 years before the pointe shoe was developed. The dancers rose up onto the tips of their toes to dance gracefully. The Royal Academy of Dance was the first dance institution to be founded in the western world. 20 years after it was founded was the first official ballet productions went on stage. The first ballet shoes worn by the dancers wore heeled slippers. Those heeled slippers were quite difficult to wear and hard to do jumps or leaps. The new flat bottom slippers were spreading fast during the 18th century. In 1832 Marie Taglioni was the first to dance in pointe shoes. The beginning stages of what we now call the toe box. As the pointe shoe developed, so did ballet itself.

Ballet facts (their time in ballet)

With rehearsals and learning shoes worn by young ballerinas in classes today. A pair of pointe shoes could only last to 2-12 hours of dancing. A professional ballerina could go through 100 and 120 pointe shoes in a single day. During their 19th century their skills increased every year. If a dancer dances for at least 1 hour then their shoes will only last for three months. They would always get blisters after dancing in their pointes. They danced 2-12 hours or a class per week. Dancers have one hour per week, their pointe shoes will only last for 3 months. Ballet dancers today have soft pointe shoes b/c they have more padding in them.

My connection to ballet

In my connection I always wanted to dance in pointes. I would do this 24/7 and b/c I always wanted to spin gracefully in pointes. I've always wanted to learn how to dance in pointes. Dancing in ballet pointes is special to me. It's special to me cause I love dancing every day. I think it's special to people who do have ballet. Cause if you do then that would be great for you and me. Dancing in ballet pointes is special to me. I think you have to work hard to accomplish ballet. Don't you think you could try one day if you love ballet. When I was young I tried to dance like a ballerina. I want to know what it feels like to get blisters every day from pointes.
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