Fascinating Blogs and Bloggers

Tony Baldasaro

Tony has a blog that can be found through his website
http: tonybaldasaro.com
He is the chief human resource officer of Virtual Learning Academy Charter School in Exeter.
Tony has been a blogger for many years and just has a very interesting way of writing.
Many of his stories are things that I can relate to in a similar educational leadership position. He has a very active blog and I find him to be very savvy with technology.

Tony's Twitter Philosophy

"Twitter was less about connections and more about additions."

Tony states: "Twitter was all about the "me" and not about the "we." Since then, I have changed my practices, ones that will better serve the "we." Tony believes that "the beauty of Twitter, is that it is incredibly personal and it is all about what you make of it. Not the number of followers or connections but "FRIENDS."