Post Spring Break in the Library

What did you read?


  • Monday 3/21: Ms. O out in the afternoon. Send kids on passes this week as possible! Small groups are the only way I get to really talk to them about their reading. Full class I'm stuck behind the circ desk 85% of the time anymore. I miss all the fun.
  • Friday, 3/25 Good Friday, no school.
  • Monday 3/28 - Friday, 4/1 Grades 3-5 checkout. I expect that Monday will be busy because of testing the next two days (which I and John are both involved in, of course! So I don't know when the library will be able to be open those two days). And guess what? That Friday is early dismissal schedule because of clubs. So during open times probably just checkout. Not enough time for anything else.

Grace Lin's TED Talk

Some of you will remember when she visited our school. Anyway, this is 12 minutes of VERY IMPORTANT listening for anyone who works with kids and uses books. I hope you will take the time to listen ... it's that good and that important!
The Windows and Mirrors of Your Child's Bookshelf | Grace Lin | TEDxNatick

Possible Lesson Ideas

K-5: I am curious to try a new app that will make designing for the 3-D Printer WAAAAAAAAAAAAY easier. From what I read even some kinder can do it. Now, only on 10 devices, not the entire cart. So logistics of half the class working at a time would need to be worked out. But teaching kids design thinking, that they can take knowledge and create something with it. Amazing! Animals? Story characters or setting? Something (small) but useful to solve a classroom problem? Representing math problems?

2-5: OVERDRIVE specific book talks. Or just booktalks in general. I can't pull them out of thin air, please let me know ahead of time. But if you have a genre you'd like to encourage kids to read more ... let me know and we can do a quick just a couple when you have 15 minutes before lunch or a more involved 40 minutes where they hear about like 10 books.

3-5: electronic reading. Especially if you have the Chromebook cart available ...

please let's talk. Infobits has GREAT integration where as students read an age appropriate article they highlight and make digital notes and then with two clicks it's all saved in a Google folder (the article WITH credits AND notes AND highlights). Talk about prep for secondary and higher ed. Or even the real life example need of electronic testing. (You can also highlight and make electronic notes on books in Overdrive. They just don't export out into Google as nicely.)

Staff: Overdrive or any of the ebooks (we have them for every age ... and since publishers can't agree on one platform you have to go to a couple different places to find them. I want you to feel comfortable using them so please let me know if you have any questions!

Peep Dioramas (book or history related)

I started looking at these last night and one of these days I really want us to do it. The issue would be having it run too close to the Fiesta Shoebox parade. Like the pumpkin decorating helps concentrate on a book character, a Peep Book Diorama would help concentrate on a book setting. Of course all the book related ones I looked at last night I can't find. So this one is my favorite from today. The original source is here.
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