7th Grade News

September 15th, 2016


We are now in full swing here at The Grove, and we wanted to bring to your attention a couple of changes regarding progress reports. Piney Grove will no longer be sending home four-and-a-half-week progress reports with students in between nine-week progress reports. The only paper communication PGMS will be sending home will be the nine-week progress reports and 18 week/semester report cards.

We encourage parents and students to utilize Parent Portal if they would like an up-to-date view of their student’s grades. At any time, parents may request a hard copy of current grades for their student. Parents are encouraged to reach out to teachers at the earliest onset of any concern.

We would also like to encourage the use of ItsLearning. This is the place to find out what is going on in your student's classroom on a daily basis. It will provide access to notes, quizzes, activities, videos, and a planner that outlines what is happening each day. When your child is absent, it is expected that they access ItsLearning to see what they missed.

Please be advised that parent/teacher conferences are going to occur on the early release days scheduled for October 19th & 20th.