AVID Fall Exam

Noah Cumming Turner Class 2 1-13-16

Mission Arlington

When I learned the I needed 4 hours of community service every semester, I thought it meant that we would take a field-trip. It turned out that it was time taken out of our Saturday. It really wasn't that bad, but the only problem was that I moved my hand from the cans into the box hundreds or even thousands of times. But when I realized that I was basically giving someone, something to be thankful for thanksgiving, it wasn't annoying at all.
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These have helped me so much in math, when I don't know something I will always get this sheet of paper. They are called TRF forms, or tutorial request form, well we all know what they are. When we first started using them, I had no idea how to use them. At first I was terrible at them, but now I just whiz through it.
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Cornell Notes

Cornell notes have been a pain, but I have noticed an improvement in my grades with the Cornell notes. The way they are set up is questions on the left side with notes on the other.
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What I like about AVID

I love avid because, it has helped me a lot. The ways it has helped me is, I have more determination to pass my classes. I will try my best, and if I fail, I will do what it takes, to get it passing. There a re many more things I can talk about but it'll take to muck time.
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The next semester

In the next semester, I will keep my binder organized. I will try my hardest to get better grades, I will write in my planner to help with my homework.