The Year of the Hangman

By: Gary Blackwook

Main Conflict

Creighton doesn't know where to put his loyalty because he is from Britain but his mom sent him to america and he has developed strong relationships with the americans.


British Side- Colonel Gower, Lieutenant Hale

French Side- Sophie

American Side- Benjamin, Peter, Benedict Arnold

British to American- Creighton Brown, Harry Brown

Creighton- His story is about how he got sent away to america and how he changed sides and gave his loyalty to america

Colonel Gower- He was Creighton's uncle and one of the leaders of the British army


At the beginning of the book it took place in England then Creighton got taken away to america and the colonies. And then eventually the evens took place in New Orleans.

George Washington Dies

The British Captures George Washington and they hung him. Creightons journey failed when they went to look for george washington because he was already dead

Creighton escapes back to New Orleans

Creighton, Peter, and harry brown escape and sail back to New Orleans before they get captured and killed.