Second Chance & More

Remediation and Enrichment Opportunity

Want a better grade?

As we approach the last weeks of class, I want to allow you to improve your grades. There are several options for you remediation and/or enrichment:

1. Attend Chat tomorrow to earn max points on the Right Triangle Task. You must present one of your problem solutions and email me your solutions before 6pm on Monday 4/29.

2. Do corrections for any assignment. You must reflect and explain what you got wrong and why. You may earn half points for corrections. Late penalties still apply. Submit the corrections to the General Dropbox by 5/6.

3. Create a final review activity to drop your lowest quiz grade. Submit the activity to the General dropbox by 5/6.

Also, if you completed a Pi Day activity, don't forget to let me know which HW Quiz to replace.

Final Assignment Due Date - May 3

This is the LAST Assignment Due Date for this semester

For full credit, ALL work is due no later than Friday, May, 3. Late work will be accepted until Tuesday, May 7. Please make arrangements to have everything completed by midnight of May, 3. No 5 Day late work policy!