Weekly Bulletin

AFC Jr/Sr High School

Week of February 22nd

Upcoming Dates

March 1st: No School

March 12th: Scholarship Applications Due

March 12th: End of 3rd Quarter

March 29-April 5th: Spring Break (School resumes April 6th)

May 12th: Honor's Night

May 22nd: High School Graduation

May 26th: 8th Grade Graduation

Whiteside Area Career Center Sign-up

Sophomores and juniors interested in Whiteside Area Career Center (WACC) need to sign up by Thursday, February 26.

We will have additional paperwork to complete once we begin scheduling for next year, but we have to provide WACC with how many students we have interested in each WACC program to increase the chances that all of our students get the classes they are interested in.

Here is a recap of the details:
WACC counts as 3 classes. Please complete this form if you want to attend WACC even if we haven't discussed how WACC will fit with your other classes.

Many programs fill up, and AFC has limited seats available in each program. In particular, Health Occupations, Allied Health, Digital Media Arts often fill to capacity. Priority on admission to WACC is based on multiple factors including attendance, discipline, and class standing (seniors before juniors).

Cost-Students are charged $250 to attend WACC. In addition, some classes require additional fees/supplies that are paid directly to WACC (see additional WACC Course Fees/Supplies document below for more information).

CEO program-There is an additional application to complete. WACC has a CEO program in Dixon, so you don’t have to travel to Sterling daily. You must have reliable transportation to Dixon during the school year because CEO students do not ride the WACC bus.

Below is a list of courses as well as a virtual tour of the programs offered.

Please contact Mrs. Drew at adrew@afcschools.net with additional questions.

7th Grade Student of the Week

Big picture

Colin Stone

Colin Stone was nominated by his teachers as our 7th Grade Student of the Week! His teachers had the following to say about him:

Colin is an excellent student, works hard, and has well thought out answers.

Colin is a prime example of perseverance. Although he is naturally gifted academically, when the time arises and he faces a challenging problem he will keep working until he fully understands. He is not afraid to have those aha moments amongst his peers. Colin is also one that will help others to understand a problem so they can have their aha moment as well.

Colin is taking an active role on the Academic Bowl Team. He works hard, has high achievement, and is well-liked by his peers.

Congratulations, Colin! We will be recognizing an 8th grader next week.

Congratulations to our 1st Semester Honor Roll Students!