a Novel by Robin Cook

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Plague. Tularemia. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. All three of these infectious diseases are rare, vile killing machines. However, the chances of contracting these contagions through natural human transmission during a typical 1996 winter in New York City is near impossible. But, when medical examiner Jack Stapleton stumbles across two cases of unpleasant plague, some twisted tularemia, and several deaths due to repulsive Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever within three days, he has to wonder: What is spreading these terrifying diseases?
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Contagion, a novel by Robin Cook, centers around regular-guy Jack Stapleton's life and his journey through resolving these cases of infectious diseases that are just not plausible. This misanthropic, cynical medical examiner refuses to give up on solving this puzzle that has the potential to spiral out of control, thus causing an epidemic in such crowded quarters as New York City. He will not stop thinking about those lives that have been taken by these alarming sicknesses, he just has to be the hero of this case. However, all heroic deeds require a cost, otherwise they're not really heroic. There has to be a dragon in the way of becoming the hero, and Jack Stapleton is prepared to fight that dragon. He will fight his personal and professional adversities, he will fight his depression, and he will win the war against his own mind to find out what on earth is causing three rare, murderous diseases to spread at once?

About the Author

Robin Cook is an American ophthalmologist and bestselling author who writes about public health issues. Many of his books have been on the New York Times Bestseller list and several others have been shown in Reader's Digest.

Cook tends to combine the medical with the thriller genre, thus creating medical thrillers about public health issues. Many of his books spark controversy, as the timing of many of his stories are impeccable, as they are published and sold just as that particular book's topic is becoming a public concern.

Robin Cook is the face of medical thriller novels, as he is brave, bold, and unorthodox in his writings. He continues to write more stories about dangerous diseases today.