The ME Project

By Heema R

Who Am I?

Name: Heema Rekhi

Age: I'm 15 years old, turning 16 in July

Birth date: 30/07/2000

I'm originally from India, I was born in Jalandhar/ Punjab and I moved to Canada when I was 18 months old. Then a few months after I turned 2 years old my little brother Karan was born. Here I first lived in Mississauga and moved to Brampton when I was around 7 years old. Then I moved many houses within Brampton and many schools too. when I came to LASS I was 14 years old. I really enjoy being at this school. I'm very interested in science studies. My interest is to become a pediatric nurse and so I am working towards that. In my free time I love listening to music and singing along although I do not like playing instruments as much. I was in a band in grade 6 and I used to play the mallet percussion. I enjoyed playing it very much but now I have lost interest in playing instruments. I also like doing skits or dancing. And that is pretty much me.

P.S. I love Chocolate <3

Timeline Of My Life

My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

1. Chocolate

I love Chocolate out of all the candies and sugary things on this planet, I don't think there's a big secret behind why love chocolate but I love it.

2. Music

Music is like my friend, its always there when I need it. For all my happy times obviously it would be there, but for my bad times, for the times i'm unhappy, angry, always relaxes and calms me down.

3. The color blue

I have this attraction towards the color blue for some reason so whenever I buy something like shoes, clothing, even food or drinks i'm always looking for something blue.

Leadership Skills

I have the habit of telling people what to do, and I use this leadership skill at home most of the time when there is work to be done. Another way i use this skill is when my mom or dad are driving and then i direct them to the places we need to get to. I use this skill at school too, during group works or with my friends.

My Influences

I would say I am very much influenced by family but also my friends too. whatever I do is mostly cause of my friends. I caught many habits from my friends. We always decide to do things together. My friends are a bunch of the nicest people on the planet each with many different talents. They will always be by my side and they always help me make all the important and right decisions.

These pictures are only a few of my friends, there are many more

My Role Model

My role models are my parents because my parents always encourage me when I lose hope for anything. My parents had many struggles in there lives but they overcame those struggles and become great parents. My parents always help me and do whatever they can for me to be successful. They also help me learn from my mistakes and telling me how I could improve. The reason my parents are my role models is because they never gave up on whatever they had decided to do and because of that they were always successful. I want to be like my parents, strong, smart, patient, dedicated and successful.
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My Future

for the future my goal is to become a pediatric nurse. I'm interested in this job because firstly I love handling kids, secondly I like studying medicine, i'm also in science and human body studies. To work towards this goal I will work really hard in science class to get marks. I will also do more volunteering work similar to nursing or taking care of people.
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My Family Symbol

My Family symbol would be our gods symbol, and that's because whenever my parents are in a hard time we pray to god and when we are happy we thank our god and so basically my is really connected to god. My mom's sister and mother have a special connection with god and so we are very religious.
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