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May 2015

Focus on Teaching Ideas and Technology Tools

This issue of the Media Minute has a focus on teaching concepts in a digital environment. As we begin to move to 1:1 for the entire school, it will change the ways in which we teach; however, with the recent change with My Big Campus, we realize that it is still important to teach well, no matter the format. Send me an email ( or Tweet (@plainfieldmc) and let me know if you find any of the articles or images useful. I'd love to hear your thoughts and open a conversation.
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don't forget summer learning opportunities

2015 Summer of eLearning

The state has issued their schedule, with keynotes for the next summer of eLearning. There are many, many opportunities to see great speakers and educators.

Many of these are free or are $25 or less. They have many nationally-known keynotes.

The FREE iPossibilities Conference at Center Grove High School is open for registration -

EdCamp Indy

​Friday, June 12 at Raymond Park Middle School in Warren Township in Indianapolis (8575 E. Raymond, near Brookville Rd/465 exit) And, of course, as an edCamp, it's free!

Possible topics may include: effective 1:1 practices, Genius Hour, eLearning days as alternates for snow days, Twitter, Google Classroom, Problem-Based Learning, digital literacy and digital citizenship, STEM, iPads in education, INSPIRE,, standards crosswalk: AISLE, AASL, ISTE, educational leadership, web 2.0, teacher-led professional development.

For more information -

Register at -

Teach Parents Tech

TeachParentsTech is a site that lets you send video guides to a parent or someone else for whom you regularly answer tech questions. It is super easy to send and the videos are great. What a timesaver! (created by Google)

Hemingway App

Hemingway App is a site that analyzes student writing. Just delete what you see on the page and copy and paste the student writing onto the web page. Complex sentences, the use of adverbs, and readability are analyzed. This is a free online tool.
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Image above from Tarte, Justin. "10 Things That Learners Really Pay Attention To." 03 Jan 2015. N.p., Tweet hashtag

Helpful Articles

Updated KWL

Have you had students complete a K-W-L chart in the past before starting to learn about a new topic? It's a great tool to access prior knowledge, get students thinking about what they want to learn, and then analyze their learning at the end. There's an updated K-W-L out from Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano ( that considers 21st Century Skills and also asks how the students will find the information, what action will be taken and what questions they still have. See below for two different variations. (images from
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Show What You Know

In a 1:1 learning environment, using technology to show what you know becomes very important. This chart provides ideas for students to utilize their devices to display knowledge. (To make it bigger, right click and save the image. You can then look at it without being online.)
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Graphic above created by Tony Vincent from Learning in Hand. Updated January 2014.

Common Sense Education - Media and Technology Resources for Educators

Common Sense is dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology. We empower parents, teachers, and policymakers by providing unbiased information, trusted advice, and innovative tools to help them harness the power of media and technology as a positive force in all kids’ lives.

*taken from

PowToon - Online video/powerpoint creator

The next time you want to spice up a powerpoint and turn it into an animated video or create your own tutorial video - check out www, Students have used this online resource to create animated slideshows, videos and presentations.
Welcome to PowToon!

Edmodo - Social Learning Network

Check out Edmodo - - about connecting student learning, school and technology. Educators can use Edmodo to create an online community to share and find resources and build a forum where they can post and answer questions. They can also send assignments and project to students and collaborate in real time.

Graphite - Find Apps, Games & Websites

Graphite is a way for educators to find the best apps, games, and websites for the classroom. Check out Graphite at

Padlet - Posting Tool for Creating and Collaborating

Padlet is a simple tool that you can use to introduce and brainstorm on a topic. You can also manage and control student accounts while monitoring everything that appears on their padlet. Students can post text, images and videos. Check out padlet at

Versal - Interactive Course Creator

Educators can combine text, video, images and quizzes into the online course creator. Students can collaborate within the course to work as they explore content you have created for them. Check out Versal at

e-reading at PHS

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Top 5 checkouts - April 2015

Top 5 checkout images were created in Canva - it's a great site to show your students to use when they are making projects.
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PHS MC Stats for April 2015

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Lael DuBois

Lael DuBois is a certified School Librarian / Library Media Specialist (grades K-12) who has been the media specialist / school librarian at Plainfield High School for 8 years. Prior to that, she was the school librarian at Pike High School and Pike Freshman Center.