American Forests...

Where have they gone?

Alex- Period 7, Environmental Science

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How Many Trees Are Cut Down, and What is Clearcutting?

Each year, according to "Global Forest Assesment" in 2005-2006 the number of trees being cut down was 3 million in America.

That has increased to 6 million in 2012.

The most popular way to clear forests is a method called clearcutting. Clearcutting is is the method of logging a forest so that all or most of the trees are cut down immediately or within a few years. A few trees are left to reseed the area, but after a few years those are cut down.

Picture taken by me in 2011 flying over Oregon

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What are the trees used for?

  • Paper goods (toilet paper, paper, paper bags, books, newspaper, cigarette wrapping ect..)
  • Buildings (framing and flooring mainly)
  • Funiture
  • Fuel (firewood, charchol)
  • Every day items 9tooth picks, handles, picture frames, pallets to ship stuff on)

Why should we keep the trees?

One tree can clear toxins from one car driven 4000 miles.

Trees can reduce heating and cooling bills; 50% on cooling and 30% on heating bills

They stop rainwater from eroding soil.

30% of earths air comes from trees.

Our citys need these trees!

The city of Baltimore has 2.8 million trees and they store 527 tons of carbon.Its trees reduce energy costs citywide by $3.3 million a year.

Oregon had about 6.4 million trees cut down in 2013

Washington - 2.3 million trees

There are 63,000 acres of trees in Oregon

Washington - 23,000 acres

The income for Oregon logging trees was $110 million

Washington - $35 million

92% of pacific coast Christmas trees come from Oregon Farms

Animals loosing habitats

Due to logging forests, we are loosing animal species 1000 to 10000 times faster than normal. With as many as 30 to 50 percent heading towards extinction by mid-century.

The amphibian rate is 35 times faster than normal- pollutants

The bird rate is 31 times faster- no nesting space and food

The fish rate is 39 times faster- pollutants in water from machines

Mammals are 50 percent faster- no habitat

What can you do to help!?


Plant new trees in your area! Collect paper and recycle it so more trees don't have to be cut down.


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