Should young athletes play football

Young athletes should be allowed to play football


Have you ever seen people play football? Have you ever noticed how they react? Most football players work together as a team so they can win. These acts can also help affect children in good ways. Young athletes study these moves clearly and they learn from them. They should be allowed to play football. This is because they can form friendship and can stay fit and healthy.

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One reason that young athletes should be able to play football is because they can make friendship. According to Scholastic Scope they said, "Players often form long lasting friendships, and they get to participate in an American tradition that is a major part of our culture." This quote shows that athletes communicate and they make friendships with other people. Another example from US News is, "Organized sports don't just help kids' bodies, but their minds as well, says Kim Gorgens, clinical associate professor in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver." This quote means that football helps athletes live healthy and help them do better in school.


As you can see, there are many reasons that can help benefit children's lives by playing football. These cause young athletes to want to become like them and they do. They can do this by making friendships, being fit and healthy, and bringing back money from the games or just by working hard together and getting the money. These acts of athletes should help inform adults to let their children play football.