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Excuse me, but if you don't Mime...

A few years back mimes were very popular. You could find them entertaining audiences in parks or on the sidewalks around a city. Wearing the trade mark suspenders with their faces painted white, they would do performance art in their own unique mime way. During a performance, the mime does not talk. He will not utter a sound. The mime uses only his actions and expressions to convey a message to the onlookers.

As Christian men, I believe we should be more like mimes; silently having our actions convey God's message about his love.

"Let people know your a Christian, use words if necessary." Unknown

3 Ways to Ensure Your Wife’s Respect

Here are the three P’s of loving our wives well so that she can respect us easily and without feeling like a traitor to her own heart. - See more at: http://www.manturity.com/2014/08/29/3-ways-to-ensure-your-wifes-respect/#sthash.6V2ORmnZ.dpuf

Did you Know?

Woodland's coffee shop building "The Coffee Loft", (voted #1 coffee shop in Sarasota Magazine) was once an abortion clinic.

For more information about "The Coffee Loft" visit the website: http://www.coffeeloft41.com/

Men of Integrity. A devotional for men from Christianity Today.

Ludicrous Laws

If you ever find yourself thinking, "There oughtta be a law ...," you're not alone. The truth is, there are lots of laws out there--and many of them can seem pretty silly and inconsequential. But they're bona fide laws nonetheless that, when broken, carry some stiff penalties. Crazy, but true, these are some of the laws they DON'T teach you about in law school...


Woodland Men Transformed by Rick Warren

Wednesday, Oct. 1st, 6:30pm to Wednesday, Nov. 12th, 8:30pm

9607 E State Road 70

Bradenton, FL

Join us Wednesday Nights for food and fellowship Room 122

We will be starting Transformed by Rick Warren.

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