Rock Python (Python sebae)

Animal (Terrestrial)

The African Rock Python is a large, nonvenomous snake of sub-Saharan Africa. Rock Pythons average 11-18 ft fully grown. It has a brown texture with black camouflage spots over its body.

Native Land

Rock Pythons hail from sub-Saharan Africa. It has two subspecies; one is found in Central and Western Africa, the other in Southern Africa.

Where is it located in the US and why is it a threat?

It is located in the Everglades in Florida and some of the other southern states. It is a threat because the reproduce rapidly and kill other inhabitant species.

How did it get here?

Biologists don’t know how the rock python found its way to the area. But like the Burmese, they believe the first snakes were probably escaped or released pets. The state made rock pythons illegal to own in 2010. Two years later, the federal government banned importing them.

Is it spreading?

Rock pythons might not be spreading because they’re not good swimmers, unlike their cousins from Southeast Asia, which can submerge themselves for about 30 minutes. Or they might simply be biding their time for the right event to trigger an explosion because of their rapid growth in numbers.