Learning With Technology: News!

Technology upgrades for 3rd graders at Terry Fox Elementary!

Parents of 3rd Graders:

We are excited to inform you all of a new technology initiative for your students this upcoming school year. With much research taken place, the administration at Terry Fox Elementary has provided us with benefits of the use of technology in learning environments. We plan to monitor the amount of technology used by our classrooms and only allow technology use that is beneficial to learning and class work. t is our opinion that students will greatly benefit from this for many reasons, and we will insure that this new way of learning will not provide distractions for the students.

As we begin this new initiative, we are pleased to inform you that each fifth grade student will be provided an iPad. These iPad's have security measures to prevent children from any harmful or dangerous parts of the Internet, when when the students bring the iPads home. This particular type of technology uses Universal Design for Learning, which is designing classrooms to accommodate the various learning types that each students possess. The great thing about UDL is their open mind regarding that each student is different, and requires a different learning and teaching style. By using technology in our classroom, we hope to reach all of the different learning needs, styles, and curves that each student requires.

For more information regarding using technology in the classroom, please visit:



We hope to provide you as parents, and our students, with knowledge of how useful that technology will be for the future. Technology has quickly taken over the world, and although it sometimes may seemed frowned upon, we assure you the benefits are high.

All of the staff here at Terry Fox Elementary are excited to embark on this new adventure, however we understand if their are questions and concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to help.

Thank you for your time!
Go Ravens!
Terry Fox Elementary School Administrative Assistant