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Lola Wilson Here :) I've been fascinated about psychic type stuff most of my life. Over the last 15 years or so I have done countless psychic readings.

Its now my turn to help you folks find the best psychic readers to ensure your experience is top notch!

Phone Psychic Readings

At some point in our lives we all want to find out what the future holds for us; whether an ill relative is going to recover or whether a potential partner really is right for us. There are many more reasons for taking up the offer of free phone psychic reading. However, some people may not entirely trust the free of charge readings which are so readily available these days. After all, if something sounds too good to be true then it is probably worth avoiding, isn’t that so?

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Well, in the case of phone psychic readings there is nothing to be afraid of. Once we look at the reasons behind the no cost services being touted we will realize that this is a sampler service in which the company offering the reading is only interested in giving you a short, accurate reading in order to gain your confidence and your ongoing business.

I remember a few years ago a craze swept round my office.

One of my colleagues had gone to a psychic who gave her a scarily accurate reading. She never actually told us what the reader had told her but the look on her face when she spoke about the session made it very clear to us that she believed every word that was spoken to her.

Wowed by this endorsement the whole office was soon talking about going to see the old lady who had given the reading to our colleague. Phone readings really work in the same way.

If you phone up and are impressed by what you are told in a short, no cost no commitment call you can then decide whether you want a longer, more detailed reading in the future. If you find the reading to be accurate and professionally carried out then you will probably tell a few friends and relatives about the free service too.

It goes without saying that once one of the well known psychic readers offers a free, introductory reading the rest have to follow suit or lose a lot of business to their pioneering rival. It has now got to the stage where I imagine that few people would feel happy shelling out for a paid session without sampling some phone psychic calls first, to find out what kind of service and accuracy the available providers are capable of giving.

If you are at all nervous about undertaking the reading then doing on a short, simple phone call is probably also the best way to help you overcome your fears and realize that there is nothing at all to be worried about. I remember that the only thing that stopped some of my colleagues going to see the recommended reader was the fear of entering the woman’s house and receiving a reading face to face.

Phone psychic readings you have the chance to sample this type of service at no cost and from the comfort of your own home or work place. This allows you, rather affords you, the ability to save on multiple costs that range from the price of the psychic consultation, to spending gas and precious commuting time to receive your reading from a quality psychic.

Psychic Source Review

Selecting the right service can be very confusing if you don’t know what to look for in a service, especially since you don’t know who is truly gifted and who isn’t.

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After testing many, I’ve settled on Psychic Source to be another awesome choice and you’ll see why based on the Psychic Source review. There Phone Psychic Readings are some of the very best!

They have been around longer than most other services that claim to be the best. They’ve been operating for over 20 years and their reputation is very good with a long list of satisfied customers.

Their psychics and their customer service personnel are always courteous, respectful and professional. The site is also very secure so your personal information is safe and it’s very easy to use.

When I wrote my Psychic Source review, I contacted their customer service department and quickly received a response to my questions. With services of this type, customer service is usually very poor but this wasn’t the case with this one and this is why they’ve been in business for more than 20 years.

Based on Psychic Source reviews, all of their employees are screened and tested before they begin working for them. Most sites don’t take the time to truly research who they hire or don’t even bother finding out what his or her abilities or experiences are.

You control how long you want to talk and how much you want to spend. If you’ve never used the Psychic Source service before, you will qualify for their special introductory offer. They let you test a couple of the best psychics so you can make the right choice to get your advice. No matter which one you choose, you’ll still have an affordable price.

In the many years I’ve been a client with them, I’ve never experienced anything negative with their customer service department or their psychics. There are a few that I enjoy talking to regularly because they are good at what they do and they’re dead on with their advice. Look online for Psychic Source reviews. You’ll see I’m not the only one that’s happy to use them.

Unlike most sites in the industry they offer all clients a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason. You won’t get any hassles or any questions. All of the fees are stated clearly so you won’t have any surprises or additional fees. If you talk to someone for 10 minutes at $1 per minute, you’ll pay exactly what they say and that’s $10. It won’t be $10 plus some silly processing fee of $2 or $10 or whatever others set.

Should you speak to a psychic over the phone? Sure, why not? Would you rather run out of the house and go visit one in person in a neighborhood that doesn’t have enough parking? Phone conversations are a much better option than getting stuck in traffic.

There comes a time when everyone needs help or guidance about pressing issues. Sometimes it takes another set of eyes, in this case voice, to set things into the proper prospective. It can be done over the phone and in your own home.

Keen Is Another Great Psychic Network

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Keen Phone Psychic Readings

About Keen

Since its inception in 1999, Keen has been a trusted, reliable resource for personal advice. Today, Keen is a leading community for online psychics, giving you a direct line to instant, live, personalized psychic advice.

Getting an online psychic reading through Keen is safe, secure, confidential, and easy. You can connect with a psychic in our network anytime using your preferred conversation method: online chat, email reading, or phone call.

Here are some common Phone Psychic Readings Questions. But Feel free to ask what ever you want

  • In general whats my future look like?
  • Can you see any major changes coming in my life?
  • What can you tell me about my love life?
  • Do you see anything about my health?
  • What can you tell me about my career?
  • Will I ever get married?
  • Will I ever become pregnant?
  • Love Psychic Readings
  • Career Psychic Readings
  • Psychic Readings for Men
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FInding a Legit Psychic Reader Online Is Not Easy (Phone or Online Chat)

When you get a "REAL" phone psychic reading done it truly is a pretty cool experience. I'm guessing this is the reason why there are SO many psychic readers online.

Getting the reading is the easy part, finding a legit honest psychic reader can be pretty challenging.

Since I have done so MANY psychic readings (most online via the phone or online chat) I can at-least help you find a legit place to get one done. Wish I could do the reading for you to :)... But that's just not my thing. Really takes a special person to do it. Anyways, take a look below for a few places I really like. Good luck with your reading/readings....

Be Honest and Direct in Phone Psychics Readings

When you request phone psychics readings, you often reveal a vulnerable part of yourself. Your fears, hopes, and dreams are frequently the subject of choice when you contact a psychic advisor for a reading.

Sometimes, the signs and messages that the psychic receives indicate that your dreams may fail or that your fears will be realized. At these times, the honesty and directness of your psychic advisor becomes essential.

When your psychic reading shows signs that there may be problems in your future, it is important that the psychic tells you those indications openly and clearly. This provides you with information on potential pitfalls that may await you on a particular path. Knowing the possible obstacles before you begin can make a significant difference in your ability to create future happiness in both business and personal arenas.

Keep in mind that “honest and direct” is not the same as “cold and cruel.” Your psychic advisor shouldn’t make you feel that he or she judges you negatively because of difficult situations in your life. A good psychic advisor will make sure you understand any potential problems without belittling you. It is unlikely that you will encounter an unkind psychic advisor:

Many psychics are naturally empathetic and are skilled in expressing unpleasant truths in a way that avoids shock or embarrassment.

Honesty and directness are particularly important when dealing with relationship issues. Many people are blinded to the unpleasant characteristics of a romantic interest during the early part of a relationship. They overlook the bad temper or poor financial habits because their beloved has so many “redeeming qualities.”

If your psychic advisor sees indications that your new love is likely to injure you or spend you into poverty, it may be difficult for you to hear at this stage of your relationship. However, it is in your ultimate best interest if your psychic advisor alerts to you the possibility of harm.

By giving you honest phone psychics readings, the psychic can provide you with the information you need to determine whether to continue the relationship or end it now.

Directness is also important when you are searching for psychic advice on your life path.

You may have selected a dream that you intend to pursue, and have requested phone psychics readings to help determine whether you have chosen the right path for your passions.

If your psychic advisor sees signs that your goal may be extremely difficult for you to attain, or that another choice may ultimately be more rewarding, this is information that you should have in mind when you are deciding whether to pursue your dream.

Your psychic advisor must tell you honestly that you should give up your dream and try another route to prevent you from wasting time or money on an endeavor that is unlikely to succeed.

Remember: Your psychic advisor wants to help you, even when that help may come as bitter medicine. It takes courage for him or her to risk offending you by telling you a truth you may not want to hear. Be appreciative of the good advice and you will ultimately reap the rewards.

Are Phone Psychic Readings as Reliable as Traditional Psychics?

It is possible to find the best phone psychic online or through other phone psychic services, and yes, they can be just as reliable, maybe even better. One just needs a little faith and to find a reputable company that offer professional psychic reading services.

Most people think that if they can’t physically see the psychic face-to-face, it is harder to judge if they are fake or not. That is why some people prefer traditional psychics than talking to someone on the phone.

But there are actually companies and organizations out there that offer real, professional psychic reading services. With proper research, it is possible to switch from traditional psychic reading to the much more convenient psychic reading via phone.

Phone Psychic Readings: An Alternative to Expensive In Person Psychics

Traditional psychic reading is now being replaced by the more convenient and less expensive psychic live readings done online via chat, email, video call, or psychic readings live via phone.

Gone are the days when you need to travel long distances to see a psychic or wait for the caravan to pass into town to get a reading. Phone Psychic Readings can now be done right at the comfort of your own home at any time of the day desired.

Some services are available via appointment while some offer a 24-hour reading service. These services usually charge per minute, per session or per reading and the rates are really competitive. It is today’s option to get a professional but less expensive psychic reading.

Real Psychic Readings - 7 Things You Must Know Before You Call a Psychic

Whether you are looking for a psychic love reading or spiritual insight, it is essential to understand a little bit about psychic readings before you get one. A lot of times people end up having a bad experience because they do not do their research or have unrealistic expectations from psychics and psychic readings. Let me share some important points for you to have a rewarding experience.

What do psychics do?

They read people's energy or connect with those who have passed on and share relevant details/messages that you inquire about. People ask - how do psychics know things? Through various natural psychic abilities and/or divination tools. By the way we all have some level of psychic ability and intuition present in us. Some naturally have it strong others have to work to develop it. You too have this ability.

How to get a psychic reading?

Online psychic chat, email psychic readings, phone psychic readings or in person visit are all various ways that you can connect with psychics. Each one can be equally accurate and fun. From a psychic's point of view, the medium doesn't matter simply because they are reading energy.

How true are psychics?

Psychic ability is not tangible, meaning you cannot touch or see it. Neither is it logical. Because we have all been taught to approach life matters scientifically and deductively, therefore it is hard for some to understand that this gift can actually exist and be real.

Sometimes it does take stepping outside the box of trained belief system to explore and find out if something different is possible. True authentic genuine psychics exist but finding them can take some effort. Avoid psychic scam artists and charlatans.

Are psychics accurate?

Psychic readings accuracy can vary depending upon your connection with a particular spiritual reader. It doesn't matter whether one is certified or a world famous psychic, no one can offer perfection when it comes to accurate psychic predictions all the time. One reason why this happens is - freewill.

People can always change their thoughts and plans at any given moment which can change psychic time frames pushing an event to a later time or change them altogether. Also you may not always connect with a psychic just like in real life you do not connect with everyone. Now this should never be misconstrued as the psychic being fake. These are two different things. Highly accurate psychic readers can prove to be inaccurate for you, it does not mean they do not have psychic ability.

Questions to ask a psychic?

Wondering what to ask a psychic? You can ask all kinds of question on any subject matter, from love and relationships to romance and sex to career, finance and pets. No question is too deep or insignificant to ask. Any good psychic can answer most questions but they may choose to specialize in certain areas.

They may discover through their experience that they are more drawn toward certain subjects more than others. For example I am not good at finding lost objects, however I am great at reading people and their lives. Sometimes readers may also choose not to read on certain matters. For example I do not read on health or death or connect with dead people. Not that I cannot but it's more a matter of preference of where I choose to focus.

How do I know a psychic connection is good?

The psychic should be able to tell you specific details pertaining to your situation, not generic statements such as - You have been hurt before, you are struggling. It's a known fact that people seek psychics when they are in trouble, rarely do they call when they are happy. Besides we have all been through heartaches.

Also you should feel comfortable and relaxed, this allows for the exchange to flow well between you and your psychic. Try not to psychic test or be emotionally tense - this affects the reading and spoils the experience for both parties.

How many psychics should I connect with?

Read testimonials, get referrals and once you find genuine psychics you connect with, stick with one or two. Often clients get anxious and impatient and they call several psychic advisors.

They get different psychic readings and then they get confused. Please save your money, time and peace of mind. This is a fruitless exercise. Just stay with readers you connect with. Change only if necessary.

Prepare for a positive experience.

Phone Psychic Readings: A Guide

A Phone Psychic Readings is a consultation with a psychic: someone who is sensitive to the electrical, magnetic and other energies radiating from the seeker and collectively referred to as the ‘aura’. The psychic is thus able to access information from the emotional, physical and spiritual parts of the ‘auric’ field.

As the aura contains an insight into the seeker’s past, present and future, psychic readings can be very accurate. Additionally, a psychic also enhances the reading by using his natural ability to tune into the seeker’s non-verbal communication i.e. body language and facial expressions.

Just wanting information about the future at large is an ambiguous objective and the reading will be of no value. A seeker must assess what he expects from the consultation and determine the scope of the reading.

It could be his career, relationship, marriage or health – but it must be focused. When a seeker intends to gain clarity, insight and direction on a specific issue, the process of psychic reading becomes sanctified.

A significant advantage of a Phone Psychic Readings is receiving accurate answers, which will then empower the seeker to make choices that will enhance his future; yet they often overlook the fact that to receive precise answers, it is imperative to ask focused questions.

Going to a good psychic reader is imperative as great care is required on behalf of the psychic during readings; some people seeking help can be very vulnerable and a psychic can subconsciously calculate probable future events by an evaluation of the information available and end up giving likely forecasts.

It should be noted in particular that a psychic reader is able to sense things on a material level and cannot tune in to the spirit world, as is the general misconception.
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Types Of Phone Psychic Readings:

1. Clairvoyant Readings
Clairvoyant readers have the gift of clear seeing. Some will have a very firm command over their ability and tune into a matter at will. Others may need to wait for images to come to them. You can usually determine how adept a clairvoyant is by the feedback their promotions have given them and by running their brand name into a search engine.

You can also read their reviews on the actual website. You can read the positive reviews on the Keen Psychics website here. Its also important to go with your first impression. Your own senses will let you know if youve found someone that youll enjoy ordering a session with.

2. Intuitive Readings
Intuitive readers are often called empaths. Their readings will involve a fair degree of psychic sensing. A lot of empaths have to work very hard to gain control over their ability, and they usually keep to themselves as much as possible. They pick up all sorts of energies and need to cleanse their auras often and take space to realign.

The benefit of an intuitive reading with an empath is that they can absolutely tell you what another person is feeling or intending. They've been subject to the emotions of others since infancy. If they tell you to beware or give you the green light with a person youve inquired about, you can take their word to the bank.

The downside of emphatic phone psychic readings, if you have your heart set on physical descriptions, is that they arent always clairvoyant or clairaudient and will have to go solely on feeling a vibration to give you information about it.

3. Tarot Readings
Phone psychic readings with tarot cards can be a lot of fun, but the reader wont always be a fully developed psychic. Read brand descriptions carefully. A purely academic tarot reader will usually announce that they dont use intuition to read the cards of their clients. Readings with a non-intuitive reader can be just as accurate as readings with a psychic reader, fortunately.

Tarot card meanings have set definitions and are very easy for a student of the system to interpret. A psychic tarot reader will provide additional vibes, visions, and other intuitive data along with the meanings they see in the configurations of the card spreads they use.

I hope you try a Phone Psychic Reading!

Phone Psychic Readings Online - Who Offers The Best Readings?