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November 8, 2013

Language Arts

This week and next week we will be working on main ideas and details in an informational text. As we read, we are asking ourselves what is the main thing the author wants us to learn and what are some details the author includes to support this main thought. We can use the headings and pictures to help guide our thinking and to help us find the main idea.


The next two weeks we will be writing articles showing off our expert ideas. Last week we brainstormed ideas that we knew a lot about in the areas of people, places, objects, and things we learned. This week we will write about those topics making sure we create a grabbing beginning, an informative body, and a wrap up closing.

Science and Social Studies


We completed our plant unit last week. Next week we will start one of the kids' favorite science topics--space! Students will need to know what causes day and night (rotation), the seasons (revolution and the tilt of the earth), what makes the earth special, and how gravity effects the earth.

Social Studies:

Our focus is on science for the next few weeks.

This Week's Schedule

Monday Gym and Music

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Gym

WKCE - Reading

Thursday: Music

WKCE - Reading

Friday: Gym and Library

WKCE - Reading

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