stay in school

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why should you stay in school

Staying in school is good for you. its helps you when you're older. helps with jobs. helps you get in college. helps you life. helps when you got problems. ready for anything. you will get a good job when your older.get smarter every day and keep moving up classes so the can end up in college. then have good stuff good house money and car be making good money have a good job. you can live a strong life. and you can give other people good advice and help out. And if you stay in school you can be a really smart student and be a A Star student. you can have lots a friends that you could help with homework or teach them how to do it because you stayed in school and got smarter.

Negative and Positives

Negative Reinforcement Brainstorm:

(the negative effects of not changing the behavior)

The negative is that when you older and had good grades you're going have to see what you wanna do in life because schools not going to be there for you when you get older.

you will struggle a little in classes .

you will have some what a lot of homework or sometimes projects.

Positive Reinforcement Brainstorm:

(explain/show the good effects of changing or behavior)

That if you stay in school you can change your life have a good job big house and other stuff.

you can grow old and think back how good you did when you were smaller.

so when you're older you can use your grades as a example to other people.