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EdCamp Kansas City

What an amazing weekend in Kansas City! Last week I attended my first EdCampKC and needless to say, I walked away with more knowledge than I brought to the meeting. The energy was contagious and the pre-meet up at Bucca Di Beppo was Awesome! I made several new friends and learned about an ID-10-T error, MOOCS,, swivel,, Christopher Elbow chocolate, Layar and HeadsUP! Talk about so much new knowledge! You can find all of the information about my adventure on my google doc: For all of you who have been contemplating an EDCAMP, wait no longer. Sign up and let your feet do the talking! :)

Tanya Spillane

I love learning...what can I say. Whether it be through technology, collaboration or a little healthy competition, I enjoy people and the synergetic approach that can be achieved through interaction. Looking forward to documenting my PLN!