Welcome To San Francisco

The City By The Bay

The Stay:

A very good, five star hotel to stay in is The Fairmont hotel at San Francisco. It is equipped with a full service spa, 2 unique dining experiences and is a 10 minute walk from the nearest cable car stop.

Places to Visit:

The main place to visit in San Francisco is The Golden Gate Bridge. It is a very popular bridge in the city located between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Alcatraz Island is also a very popular attraction for people in San Francisco.


Along with the two dining opportunities at The Fairmont hotel there are also many others in the city. One is called Kokkari Estiatorio and it is a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant. Another is a regular American restaurant called Firefly.


The climate in San Francisco is some-what warm during the summer but slightly chilly. Summer evenings bring cool weather with wet and damp fog. Winter doesn't get very cold. It only goes down to about 40-50 degrees and not much lower. The peak of the heat is in August and September. December and January are the two months with the coldest weather. No snow is received here but rain comes often.

For The Children:

The San Francisco Zoo is a very popular place for children to visit. It is great for kids of all ages. There is also the Children's Creativity Museum. The admission fee is $11 and is free for kids under the age of 2.

For The Teens:

Teens seem to really enjoy The Walt Disney Family Museum. Most of the pieces you can touch (and we all know how much teenagers love to touch things). There is also Musée Mécanique which is a gaming-arcade place. It contains many old fashioned pin ball machines.

For The Young Adults:

Alcatraz Island is a very informational place so it is great for young adults. Another popular place for young adults is The Glass Elevators. The elevators have a great view of Union Square.

For The Eldery:

A popular place for the elderly in this city is the Botanical Gardens. They are open everyday of the week and it is a $5 admission for seniors. Also, there is the Cable Car Museum which has free admission.