Sunset Feeder 2015

Convocation Highlights Fall 2015

Thank you for a great semester!

We are excited for our Sunset Feeder and want to share a few highlights from our campuses. We appreciate your diligence and commitment to our students and each other. We are truly fortunate to have an amazing feeder with the highest quality teachers and staff. Thank you for your perseverance and commitment to student growth! We look forward to continued successes! Dallas ISD is proud of our Sunset Feeder!

Susie Villalpando

Executive Director School Leadership

Sunset Feeder Pattern

Campus Celebrations Fall 2015

Finalist-Nancy Shotts for Teacher of the Year!

Nancy Shotts teaches piano at W.E. Greiner Exploratory Arts Academy in Oak Cliff. Assistant Principal at Greiner says Shotts is on a mission to spread love of piano to students at Greiner and beyond. "Teaching is not a job for Nancy Shotts, it is a lifestyle and family affair. She is determined to make a greater impact on young pianists far and wide.

Special Recognition to the District Top 100 Teachers:

Greiner Exploratory Arts Academy- Ann Maria Ferry

W. Louise Kahn Elementary- Kymila D. Williams

Sunset High School Celebrates their 90th Anniversary!!

Greiner Mariachi

STEAM Family Night

A recent event at Dallas ISD’s W.E. Greiner Exploratory Arts Academy gave students and their families a chance to see and experience science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM).

The Family STEAM Fest was conducted by students in the school’s AVID program, which is a college-readiness program that stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. Principal Yvonne Rojas said AVID students created the booths, which demonstrated several aspects of STEAM. It was the school’s first such event.

Jennifer Hatcher, a teacher and AVID coordinator at the school, said the event had more than one purpose.

“Our goal is to increase their interest and learning about career opportunities and learning opportunities around STEAM,” Hatcher said. “And so it’s for the kids and their families to go on that journey with them, exploring these topics, exploring these ideas, finding out what interests them and hopefully pursuing them someday as well.”

Special Kudos to the TEI Experts

Thank you to all of our campus TEI representatives! We appreciate your leadership and encourage all campus faculty and staff to give us feedback via your expert. We meet monthly and look forward to your input for continuous improvement!

TEI Experts:

Representing Sunset HS: David Yackuboskey, Lena Marietti and Jeffery Carter

Representing Greiner MS: Jeffery Watts and Jennifer Hatcher

Representing Lida Hooe ES: Jaclyn Frison and Tracey Haasz

Representing George Peabody ES: Belinda Wagner and Angel Mahoney-Gooch

Representing Rosemont ES: Krystal Vega and Juan Manriquez

Representing Rosemont Primary: Jennifer Curry

Representing Anson Jones ES: Stacie Bundy and Susan Ybarra

Representing Winnetka ES: Vernitta Childress and Sandra Guerrero

Representing Kahn ES: Natividad Domingo and Crystal Cerda