John F. Kennedy

Satvik Vasireddy

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1960 election, New Frontier

Nixon runs for President on the a republican ticket. Kennedy runs as a Democrat.

  • Nixon narrowly loses to Kennedy

  • New Frontier was Kennedy's domestic reform policy
  • attempts to cut taxes (most Democrats would increase taxes today)
  • increased motivation to further Space Race and send a man on the moon
  • Kennedy supported Civil Rights movements and would have passed a bill if he didn't die
  • profound supporter of increasing funding and military support
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Cold War Issues

Flexible Response

  • a nuclear strategy Kennedy implemented
  • would deal with enemies with other options that were different from the use of nukes
  • attempts to treat problems safer

Vietnam War

  • Kennedy supported policies that would benefit the increase of the South Vietnam Army
  • This would later set the stage for Johnson's continued involvement in the war
  • somewhat extended Eisenhower's policies dealing with Vietnam, with adjustments

Bay of Pigs Invasion

  • Invasion to toss Castro out of power
  • Bombers left to Cuba to invade the Bay of Pigs
  • Castro strikes quickly with 20,000 troops
  • The invasion fails as Castro keeps people captive and many are not released until a couple years

Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Kennedy learned that nuclear weapons were being built in Cuba by the Soviets
  • This created a potential threat of a nuclear war
  • Kennedy stops the problem by creating a naval blockade in Cuba
  • Soviets Retreat, all nukes are taken out

Berlin Crisis

  • Continuation of ongoing West-East Berlin Struggle
  • A wall was built in Berlin to separate the West and East side
  • This was to prevent people from crossing and hopefully keep the Soviets out of the way temporarily
  • War could have started again if no compromise was reached with the Soviets
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Civil Rights

  • Kennedy was a big supporter
  • Many blacks voted for him due to the emphasis he placed in his campaign
  • He was flexible and allowed Blacks to be in his Cabinet
  • Wanted to create racial integration for blacks and eventually get rid of desegregation as a whole
  • He emphasized agencies like the Civil Rights Commission and established Congress of Racial Equality for the sole purpose of Civil Rights
  • Conceived the idea of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but it didn't happen until Johnson took over due to the assassination
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  • Kennedy was in a motorcade in Dallas

  • Lee Harvey Oswald shoots at Kennedy

  • Kennedy is rushed to Parkland hospital and passes away

  • Johnson becomes the president after taking his oath on Air Force One

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