Stribling Elementary

BRIT Ft. Worth, Texas

Messy Science Hands On!

Fourth Graders made OBSERVATIONS, ASKED QUESTIONS, INVESTIGATED, COMMUNICATED, INTERPRETED, MADE HYPOTHESE while at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas in Fort Worth, Texas. Students recorded Metadata in their Science Log. They sang a song that explained fossils and the layers of the earth. The students made observations and identified species on the Prairie Land then toured inside the behind the scenes of the Herbarium. It holds one million species per floor from all over the world. They watched Botanist doing their work here. They wrapped up their tour by doing some hands on in the classroom area.

Soil Investigations

Thursday, Oct. 30th, 9am

Forth Worth TX Brit Center Classroom

Students found the mass of Soil A and Soil B using a Triple Beam Balance. They continued their investigations using a Sieve making hypothesis about which soil was man made and which was true soil. They used Dissecting Scopes to take closer looks at these soils. Each student made a choice which soil they might have used on the roof of the Brit. The end result was Scientist and Engineers working used 60% engineered soil and 40% native soil.

Each classroom rotated from station to station while at Brit.

Sack lunches were enjoyed outside under the trees followed by a recycling lesson.


We toured the center looking at the recycled Cypress used on the wall. Students found out that the ceiling was made out of Bamboo. Bamboo grows quickly so we found out that it can be used and regrowth is fast and economical.