School Newsletter - 28 July

Endeavour School - July 28th, 2022

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Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Children,

A warm (but unfortunately wet) welcome back to Term Three. Over the last few days I have very much enjoyed seeing the children seamlessly and diligently get their way back into their learning programme with the support of their teachers. The distractions that surround us are kept to a minimum at this stage and I admire the resilience and expression of joy our children display while learning collaboratively.

If I could take the liberty to share a little story with you...

Over the break my family and I traveled over to Papamoa to visit some friends. While over there, my two boys and I booked a Virtual Reality (VR) experience. As we arrived the host asked if we wanted a 5/10 horror scene or a 10/10. Not one to shy away from a challenge, I put my shoulders back and said 10/10. Probably the worst decision I could have made. Throughout this 5 minute ordeal they constantly build up your anxiety, with spiders sprawling out of walls, finding yourself falling from high rise buildings and horrible looking dentists coming at you with a drill. Near the end, when you think it is all but over, you're standing on the road. I look forward, feeling a sense of relief and then a little voice says "watch out for the traffic", I turn right and see a bus driving towards me at speed! So in my wisdom, I just turn and run... smack into the wall! Not knowing I had done so and thinking that it was just an intense vibration from the goggles when the bus hits me, I started to take them off and explain to the host, "I don't want the boys to experience that, it actually hurt a bit". They looked at me with deep concern, and said "no, it wasn't the goggles, you ran full speed into the wall". The embarrassment started to kick in pretty quickly. What it showed me is how powerful the brain is and when we are put in situations of stress, pressure and/or perceived danger, our frontal cortex simply shuts down and the safety part of the brain kicks in (well thats my excuse anyway). Of course when I hopped back into the car with cuts and a bit of blood from the impact, my wife Amy, adding insult to injury, simply thought I hurried my way through a hotdog and left sauce all over my face. I had no other option at this stage but to find humour in it and laugh at myself.

On a more formal note, during the break we held some Teacher Only Days where our team engaged in Professional Learning about the History of New Zealand. While many of us are in our early stages with building our knowledge, very quickly you can get a flavour for the authentically rich history that has been and has shaped the nation we are today. The team and I look forward to delivering this new curriculum within our environments over the coming months as we start to embed it into our learning programme. In the next couple of weeks or so, we will be encouraging children to start sharing some of the new learning through conversation with you at home. Like always, it would be great if you could support that conversation and share your own stories and understanding of our history, it all helps build the capacity within them.

Later in the term we look forward to hosting a Parent Information Evening in Week 4 (Wednesday 17th August, 5.30pm). The focus for this evening is to share information and gather feedback about the new Relationships and Sexuality Curriculum. It will be run in a workshop like format with snacks and refreshments being provided. Please save the date if you can and we will be sending out an attendance form in the coming weeks.

Finally, please feel free to touch base and call in if there are any matters you wish to discuss. The conversation is always valuable.

Warm regards,


School Fun Run

We wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for all of your support with the 2022 Endeavour School Fun Run!

Together we have raised over $11, 000.00

This is an amazing effort and the money will be used for sports equipment and resources for our students.

*Prizes are being delivered from the Fun Run Organisation to Endeavour School over the next few weeks and for the most part will be distributed from Learning Communities.

However, if your child has raised $300.00 or more we will be giving their prize out at an assembly with a certificate. If this is your child we will be in touch once the prizes have arrived.

*Lastly, we felt it was important that each child who participated in the Fun Run (but for whatever reason did not raise money) still got acknowledged for their effort on the day. So all children will get a little something when prizes are distributed. If you don't want your child to receive a prize and would rather it be passed on please just send me an email:

Kids Art Works

Tomorrow your child/ren will be bringing home an information sheet regarding how to order calendars, cards, diaries, mouse mats, and sketch pads with their artwork on it from

The information sheet has your child’s unique entrance field code on it so it's important to keep it until you have placed your order.

Then simply go to the website and add in your child’s code. From there you will see their artwork and you can select what you would like it to be added to (e.g., a calendar).

Payment can be made over the website using a credit card or directly from your bank account.

Orders close: Monday 15 August 2022 at 09:00 AM

Key Dates:

Please see below the key dates for Term 3. These can also be found on our APP under the Calendar button.

  • Wednesday 3rd August - Strike Musical Event/Mufti Day
  • Monday 8th August - BoT Meeting (School Staffroom)
  • Tuesday 9th August - Taiko Drummers
  • Wednesday 17th August - Parent Information Evening
  • Friday the 26th August - Daffodil day
  • Thursday the 1st September - Open Afternoon
  • Monday 12th September - BoT Meeting (School Staffroom)
  • Thursday 22nd September - School Disco
  • Thursday 22nd September - Hero Posts will go live
  • Friday 30th September - End of Term 3

2022 Term Dates

Term Three: Monday 25th July 2022 - Friday 30th September 2022

Term Four: Monday 17th October 2022 - Friday 16th December 2022


2022 Board Of Trustee Elections - Election Nominations Close 03/08/22

This is a reminder that nominations are open for the election of 5 parent representatives to the school board.

Nominations close at noon on Wednesday 3rd of August!

An email was sent out via Hero on the 15th of July with all relevant information and with an attached nomination form.

Hard copy nomination forms can be collected from the school office between 8.30am - 3.30pm during the week, and can also be found on the school website here.

All nomination forms must be returned to Lucy Hendry (returning officer) by dropping this into the school office or by emailing through to by 12pm on Wednesday the 3rd of August (next week).

If you have any questions regarding the election, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards,

Lucy Hendry
Returning Officer


Whats Been Happening?

Endeavour Gymnastic Success!

The Gymnastic Academy had its Inter-Schools Tumbling Championships for 2022 on Sunday 3rd July.

This is an optional annual participation event that the Gymnastics Academy host for students who enjoy competitions and demonstrating their skills to their parents. Endeavour had some students participate in this event. Each competitor earns points towards their school's overall total.

Over 100 competitors and 20 schools from Hamilton, Cambridge, and Bay of Plenty districts competed in five progressive divisions from beginner to advanced levels.

We are proud to announce that Endeavour School took out 1st place in the Hamilton District!

A huge well done and congratulations to our students!

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Kererū Wood Pigeon Watercolour Art with Mrs Shearer

We explored the techniques used when painting with watercolours and used things like salt, rice, and glad wrap to create interesting effects. We used water to blend colours and create different tones too. Jo May was our inspiration, a local New Zealand Artist who loves painting native birds on silk. We are very proud of our results.

Learning Provocations in LC3 and LC4

For Learning Provocations in LC3 and LC4 this Term we are exploring the World.

"This week we are exploring New Zealand, I made a Kiwi bird because it is part of New Zealand's nature, I like Kiwis. It took two days to make and I added a lot of details. My Mum is from America, in America, there is California and Mexico. I am excited about learning about the continents, Asia, Africa, North and South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australasia". By Olivia LC4

Mathematics in LC5

At the moment in Mathematics, we are exploring geometric shapes. Barrier games mean that we have to be really specific when we are explaining different shapes, where they need to be, and how to rotate them. This has been done with materials and using a digital platform.

We are also exploring the vocabulary of polygons, and how to break down the words and use that knowledge to apply to understand the numbers of sides/edges.

Friends of Endeavour PTA

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This term the Friends of Endeavour will be looking to partner with the team at Whittakers and we want your help.

Funds raised will be used on sports equipment including a basketball hoop, football / rugby combined posts and sport uniforms.

We will be ordering fundraising packs and looking to send one home per family. For those young salespersons wanting to sell more than one pack we will be able to put in additional orders and there will be some prizes up for grabs for the top seller/s.

On a diet but want to support the cause – no problem. You can donate $25 directly to the Friends of Endeavour – 12-3171-0061610-50. Friends of Endeavour is a registered Charity so we can provide a donations receipt if requested for cash donations.

We understand chocolate is not for everyone and if you would like to opt out ask that you email with the name of your oldest child and their Ako Group so we can remove them from our list.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Second Hand Uniform Buy and Sell

Are you looking for good quality second-hand uniform? Or maybe wanting to sell or gift items you no longer need? Be sure to check out the "Friends of Endeavour - Uniform, Buy Sell and Exchange page on Facebook. This group is purely administered by the FOE committee but is there as an easy and centralised way for you to buy and sell school uniforms. The PTA does sell some items via the page however it is always stated and funds go back into our fundraising account. Happy shopping!

Sand Pit Toys

Do you have any used, but in good working order toys or items that would be suitable for our school Sand Pit that you would like to donate? Spades, buckets, off cuts of plumbing pipes, sieves etc? We will gladly accept them and add them to our collection. Drop off to the school office. The sand pit at Endeavour is a hit with our kids and we love to keep it fun and well stocked for play.

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Community Notices

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Soccer United Football Supplies is Hamilton’s newest soccer store – determined to meet all your soccer requirements. We are located at 137 Alexandra st (very close to Garden place). We hold heaps of kids boots, shinpads and footballs and other training equipment. We hold a lot of Northern United shorts and socks as well. If you do pop into the shop use the secret code ‘Mr Booth likes soccer more than rugby’ and get a discount off your purchase. Check us out online and facebook and we hope to see you soon.” 07 5950700