by: Marie Lu

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The book Prodigy, by Marie Lu, is set sometime in the near future. The two main characters of the book are June and Day who are both teenagers. In the first book of the series, Legend, Day is the enemy of The Republic, the new government, and June works for it. When June decided to help Day because she finds out he is innocent of killing her brother, they escape his execution and are on the run. They end up in Las Vegas, the main setting of Prodigy. In Prodigy June and Day want to escape to The Colonies, the enemy of The Republic, and save Day's brother Eden in the process.They decide to team up with the strongest resistance group called the Patriots who have agreed to get them to The Colonies and save Day's brother on one condition; Day and June have to help assassinate the Elector Primo, the most powerful figure of The Republic. June goes back to The Republic to trick the Elector Primo that she was kidnapped by Day. As the book goes on she gains his trust and is eventually pardoned. Now that the day has come for his assassination she must lead him into a trap where he is supposed to be killed by The Patriots.

Main Characters


One main character is June. She is 15 years old and she has long, dark brown hair. She also has brown eyes. June is very analytical and aware of her surroundings. She is also one on the smartest people in The Republic where she received a perfect 1500 on her Trial score. She is very self-sufficient when she is on her own.


Another main character is Day. He is 15 years old and lives in The Republic's slum areas. Day has long, blond hair and light blue eyes. He is also very smart and resourceful having grown up on the streets. He is the only other person besides June who has received a perfect score on his Trial.

Main Conflict

The main conflict in Prodigy is whether or not Day and June should assassinate the Elector Primo. June is having second thoughts about helping The Patriots kill Elector Primo after she meets him and learns more about his true character. After surprising information is found out about the origins of The Patriots, this leads June to try to convince Day that they need to reevaluate their decision at the climax of the book.


The theme of this book is to trust in one's own decisions. This is shown in the book when June and the Elector Primo get closer and she realizes that he is not the person everyone thinks he is. Eventually June makes her own decision about the Elector Primo because of what she believes is right, not based the judgement of others.

Important Quotes

"Whatever her reason, it must be good. It must be. What do I do? Trust her, something deep inside of me says"(244).

I feel that this quote is important because it shows Day's true character in the heat of the moment, and how much of a bond has been built between Day and June. Even though he does not know her reasoning in this scene, he trusts her ability to make good decisions.

"I've been tortured, insulted, and suppressed. I've lived in the slums with you. I've risked my life for you. And you've risked your lives for me. We have risked our lives for our country-not the one we live in now, but the country we hope to have"(345).

This quote shows Day and The Republic's citizens sacrifices made for each other and their country. Day wishes to unify them for a better cause that is neither senseless nor violent. This indicates the main turning point of this book and Day's ability to step up and be a leader.

Would I recommend this book?

I would recommend this book to all readers. It is fast paced and interesting yet easy to follow. This book will keep you reading until the very end. There are many dynamic characters that keep the book constantly evolving and changing. This is one of the best books I have read.