Language Arts Journals

Media Literacy

The media today is such a huge industry. Social media has become so big. It has become such a big business that people cannot keep themselves from continuously tweeting about their day, telling close friends happy birthday via facebook, and frequently taking millions of selfies for snapchat. I think people express themselves differently on social media than they do in person. For example, the way people write on the internet is different from how they talk to someone in person. The internet tends to be a place where you can use language however you would like. The media is what drives our society today. I think media literacy is the way you express your thoughts on the internet. Teenagers use very informal language when they are on social media sites. The language and words they use are sometimes even incomplete thoughts. Being media literate to many social networking users is a chance for them to just quickly give their followers little updates about something going on in their life. Social media was created for people to share about themselves, but not necessarily having to use formal language. I think this is a good thing because it gives people freedom and their own way of expressing themselves through the internet.

Aside from social networking, the way we get information so quickly today is through the media. The people in the media industry are telling their viewers what they want to hear. So, for them, I think to be media literate means passing along important information the way that many people want to hear it.