The Rise of Nine

By: Pittacus Lore

A.J. Major Hour 4


This book is the last novel in the I Am Number Four trilogy. As an alien race hunts another alien race from extinction, Earth is the battle ground. A group of 7 Loriens, with speical powers are protecting themselves from death, and Earth from being siphoned by the Mogadarians, the antagonist of the novel. In this book, a last stand is made as the remaining Loriens and their gaurdians fight back from extinction of their race. With a goal of returning to their home planet one day, the up coming fight could never have been more imperative.
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Main character

Number Four plays a massive role in every book in the series, hence the trilogy being named after him. Four is a teenage boy, but he has the sophistication and the maturity of a bold, strong man. Four has taken many different names and identities throughout his running around the country. Throughout this book in the series, Four spends the majority of his time with Nine, who helps Four master his legacies and develop them further. Four has also grown increasingly closer to Six. In this book, Four must juggle the conflicts within his own race as he battles with another race hunting him down. He faces two doors. One: his death. Two: Defeat the Mogadarians and prosper. The obvious decision is made, but defeating a race isn't just a walk in the park. As the other characters assemble and join Four, his involvement and powers within the battle will become ever so crucial.


The setting of this book takes place in two countries due to the separation of the Loriens and because the novel is told through two different perspectives. One of the settings, a small shack in North Carolina near the Mogadarian base cave where Four sleeps and rests, having many visions. The other is the Himalayan Mountains where a couple of the Loriens search for another member, Eight. In my opinion, the setting in the Himalayas is more interesting because the surroundings and challenges to get up the mountain provide for an interesting story.
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I am Number Four - Official Trailer [HD]

Trailer Explanation

Although there is no movie for the books following the first in this series, This trailer helps depict the past of Four, the largest character through all the books. He has troubles with his past in this book. His affection for both Sarah and Six becomes an issue with decision making. Also, this trailer shows his first legacy, the lights on his hands. The theme of the book takes place directly as explained. Four and the other Lorien race members are being hunted by the Mogadarians. Intergalactic war on another planet, and powers to make for a very interesting fight.

About the Author

These two authors collboratively create the single author who was written the series. James Frey, the dominant author between the two is quite the interesting character. Having been under fire for multiple accusations such as indirectly displaying his criminal records within his book, Frey needed a partner to back his work and justify the pure genius behind it. That man was Jobie Hughes. Jobie was mostly a proof reader between the two, making only minor changes to the book, usually to the plot line. The two found a balanced compromise for each other and through the series, have created over 10 successful novels. Frey continues to write along side Hughes to this day.

Read This Book

As I have read the three base books in the trilogy, I strongly recommend reading them all, but especially this book. In my opinion, it is the best book in the series. Every page brings new surprises and the consistent switch between who is narrating the story builds up anticipation between what will happen in the story lines and how will they be brought together. This book is action packed and i suggest this book to anyone looking for a book with a bit of a challenge, but worth the time taken to read it.