EMDR & Ego States

Through The Internal Family Systems Looking Glass

Johnstown, PA -- July 16 & 17, 2020. ---- NOW WEBINAR ONLY!!

Cost: $350. ---- NOW WEBINAR ONLY!!

For questions about registration, site information, or special accommodations,

please contact Bruce Hersey at brucehersey@gmail.com or 814.944.3852

Philadelphia Area (Cherry Hill, NJ) -- October 15 & 16, 2020


Unitarian Universalist Church

401 Kings Hwy N, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

For questions about registration, site information, or special accommodations,

please contact Bruce Hersey at brucehersey@gmail.com or 814.944.3852

Alice returns...

..for more adventures in the Therapeutic Wonderland of EMDR & Ego States, but this time it is not exactly the same.

New dimensions afford fresh perspectives unseen the first time around.

What is it about EMDR that invites ego states to inhabit our psychotherapy office?

What can the Internal Family Systems model offer to explain and utilize this fact in our practice of EMDR?

A GPS for the Inner World of Ego States

The deck-of-cards imagery from Alice in Wonderland is replaced by a chessboard in the Looking-Glass world, where brooks and streams divide the landscape into squares - through which Alice advances to each next scene and action. Changes in time and spatial dimensions, as well as perspectives, via mirrors and opposites, characterize the journey.

Does any of this sound familiar to the EMDR therapist entering the world of Ego States? Most of us have entered this many-dimensional world with a two-dimensional map. Imagine a multi-dimensional map. That map is the Internal Family Systems model.

Big picture

Program Description

A two-full-day didactic & experiential workshop offering a specific view of ego-states, in the context of EMDR therapy through an IFS lens, regarding their ubiquitous appearance, defenses, & relational phenomena. A conceptual bridge is formed between the two models, yielding additional language to enrich therapist-client communication about the client’s internal process, and much more.

Understand the importance of Self-Presence and the co-presence or activation of a Target Part in relationship to the Self. Cultivate and maintain Functional Dual Attention in the Assessment & Desensitization Phases using measurement scales (beyond SUD & VOC) relating to Self-Energy, state-binding affect & protective intention.

Alignment with Memory Reconsolidation research ala Coherence Therapy for additional precision in targeting underlying implicit memories, to increase the accuracy of identifying and elaborating appropriate positive and negative cognitions in the Assessment Phase.

These methods will be demonstrated via session clips or live with participant volunteers, and significant supervised practice time is planned for participants to learn by doing.



Registrants for IFS-Informed EMDR must have completed EMDR basic training and have familiarity with the IFS model either through workshop or retreat experience.

This workshop is ideally suited for practitioners who have completed the 6 hour IFS-Informed EMDR course offered live or the online version available at emdrifs.com. It is not appropriate for practitioners without EMDR basic training and previous IFS workshop experience. The latter can also be obtained online at emdrifs.com (IFS for EMDR Therapists).

The workshop does not provide training in either model. It assumes participants have knowledge of both. Reading IFS doesn't quite do it sometimes. There is a process aspect to it, and experiential, video, or demo exposure gets that across in a way that reading does not. If you do not meet this requirement, use the time before the workshop to meet the IFS prerequisite.

My experience has shown that participants with minimal IFS experience struggle to integrate the material, especially in practice exercises. If you haven't already begun to use IFS principles in your practice, you will not optimally benefit from the workshop.

Links to providers of IFS workshops to satisfy prerequisite:

The Center for Self-Leadership

Derek Scott/IFSCA

Jay Earley, PhD/Personal Growth Programs

Lois Ehrmann, PhD/The Individual & Family CHOICES Program

New online option: IFS for EMDR Therapists at emdrifs.com

CEU Information

This workshop is approved for 13.0 CEU hours by EMDRIA, and CSL for IFS recertification.

Will submit application 13.0 CEU for ASWB and NBCC through Wise Heart Leadership Initiative.

Course Objectives

  1. Name one advantageous aspect of the IFS concept of Self that is not explicitly included in EMDR’s Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) system.
  2. Explain the relationship between Functional Dual Attention and Self-Presence.
  3. Describe the concept of energy as it applies to Protective Parts and how this can be measured and processed within EMDR.
  4. Describe the concept of energy as it applies to qualities of Self and how these can be measured and installed as a resource within EMDR.
  5. Name at least one way that IFS language can used in obtaining a NC, PC or VOC.
  6. Complete an IFS-Informed Assessment Phase target.
  7. Practice shifting targets from exile to protector, using IFS-Informed scales in Desensitization Phase.
  8. Describe & practice at least 3 IFS Interweaves in Desensitization Phase.
  9. Name the 4 steps of the Therapeutic Reconsolidation Process distilled from Memory Reconsolidation research by Coherence Therapy.
  10. Describe and practice obtaining precise negative cognitions in the Assessment Phase using Coherence Therapy concepts.
  11. Deepen your relationship with your parts-as-therapist based on the IFS model.

Workshop Leader and Consultant

Bruce is an experienced workshop and retreat leader who will facilitate the co-creation of a gentle and safe learning environment wherever this workshop is offered. He has led and co-led many local IFS workshops, as well as several IFS conference presentations. Bruce has also published short animated educational introduction videos on IFS (Finding Your Parts) and EMDR (EMDR at a Glance) on YouTube.

An LCSW in private practice at Altoona, PA for the past 30 years, Bruce provides advanced consultation in IFS, EMDR, Clinical Hypnosis and Sex Therapy in person, by phone and internet video conferencing.

People attending Bruce's workshops have said:

"Bruce’s integration of EMDR Therapy and IFS is brilliant. He provides a roadmap for therapists to make sense of the phases of EMDR Therapy - and any “resistance” or challenges encountered through the lens of “parts.” Understood this way, there are no blocks to processing anymore, simply parts that need understanding. His program helps with conceptualization and also provides a concrete step-by-step process for integration. I initially took his training probably six years ago and have taken it again since. It has transformed my practice. I highly recommend it."

Elizabeth Venart, LPC Supervisor and EMDR Consultant -The Resiliency Center Flourtown, PA

“I have been using EMDR Therapy extensively for more than a decade. The IFS-Informed EMDR Training has expanded my toolkit in ways that have re-energized my practice. EMDR and IFS are natural partners, and my clients are benefitting.”

Sonja Lindgren, MSS, LCSW

"I have already begun using your approach with my clients. It went beautifully!!! Much thanks! I've been to some of these things and been lucky to walk away with a small idea - this was one of the best I've attended!"

Deborah Reilly, LPC, NBCC