SBA Elementary News

October 12, 2015


We hope you all enjoyed your Fall Break. It was a joy to see the children coming into the building this morning, most with smiling faces. SBA is a special community and your children are a blessing to all of us here.

Fall Testing for 3rd-5th Graders

What: Fall Standardized Testing

Who: All 3rd-5th Graders

When: October 13-16 (about an hour each day)


This year the elementary school will be changing our Achievement Testing venue. In the past, we have used the Stanford Achievement Test, but we will begin using the Terra Nova test due to the amount of resources available and for their affiliation with ACSI. Fall testing assures that teachers have assessment information for students who are new to the school as well as a beginning baseline for all students. Obtaining baseline data on our students is one way to measure the impact of new curriculum or pedagogical approaches within the school. After students are tested again in the spring, we will have a more complete and stable picture of student performance. It helps everyone involved get a much clearer and more stable view of a student’s actual longitudinal growth over time.

Please do not plan scheduled appointments for your 3rd to 5th grade child during the week of October 13 – 16.

Upcoming Events:

10/13-10/16- 3rd-5th grade Testing

10/16- 1/2 Day of School (Parent/Teacher Conferences)

10/17- SBA Gala

10/23- Report Cards

10/23- Spirit Day

10/23- High School Homecoming Football Game