Core Beliefs

  • Our main purpose is to improve student academic achievement.

  • Effective instruction makes the most difference in student academic performance.

  • There is no excuse for poor quality instruction.

  • With our help, at risk students will achieve at the same rate as non-at risk students.

  • Staff members must have a commitment to children and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

Pinkston Welcomes Assistant Principal Eber Perla!

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36 DAYS to ENGLISH End Of Course Exams!!!!

Campus Goals & Targets

End of Course Exams

Algebra I, English I, English II - 65% STAAR at Level III ADV - 15%
Biology, U.S. History - 95% AP Exams - 10% College Readiness - 15%
ACP- 70% Passing in All Courses, Student Attendance - 95% All Grade Levels

Commitment to Children, Commitment to Excellence ~ Improving Staff Attendance

Pinkston students need effective instructors guiding their learning everyday. Join Viking Nation as we commit to improve our attendance!

Day Date Abs

Mon January MLK Holiday NO SCHOOL

Tue January 19th - 7.5

Wed January 20th - 2

Thu January 21st - 6

Fri January 22nd - 4


Prior Week's Absences: 26.5

Interim Assessment Week at a Glance

Monday January 25

Professional Learning Community Theme: Data Meeting, RTI

  • Welcome Texas Education Agency LEP Audit

Tuesday January 26

Professional Learning Community Theme: PD, Article Study

  • CILT Meeting @ 9:10am in Main Office Conference Room

Wednesday January 27

Professional Learning Community Theme: Effective Lesson Planning & Model Lessons

  • Attendance Meeting 10:00am

Thursday January 28

Professional Learning Community Theme: PD, Article Study

  • Welcome Kimberly Wheeler & Dallas ISD
SPED Department Indicator 13 Audit 9am-12pm
  • Welcome South Oak Cliff High School Administrative Team
Site Visit

Friday January 29

"AVENGER Intervention Initiative" ~ Staff Wear Avenger Shirts: NO JEANS Allowed

  • Review Weak SE's from this week's DOL's & Assessments

Professional Learning Community Theme: Teacher Nuts & Bolts

Sample Teacher PLC Activities (On Your Own):
  1. Lesson Planning
  2. Parent Contacts
  3. Profiling/Data Review
  4. Material prep for lessons
  5. Personal PD (video modules) via School-net, Curriculum Central, or Region X

VIKING BIG ROCKS..... Moving Instruction to Proficiency

  • Math - Student Reference Sheets/ Anchor Charts
  • Science - Vocabulary Journal Usage
  • Social Studies - Vocabulary Development & History Alive Implementation
  • ELAR - Balance Literacy & Text Based Evidence: Anchor Charts, Annotation Strategies

Campus Wide

  • Evidence of Student SELF-Profiling

1. Question Stems & Sentence Starters

  • (Pinkston Questioning Protocol
  • Discussion Response Frames) Peer Interactions

2. Peer Interaction

  • Think, Read, Write, Pair, Share
  • Peer Tutoring (Expert - Novice)
  • Table-Talk
  • Partner Reading
3. Vocabulary Development
  • Interactive Word Wall
  • Words Across Contexts
4. Graphic Organizers
  • Frayer Model
  • Venn Diagram
  • T Charts
  • Story Board
  • Concepts Web
  • Timeline

5. Manipulatives

  • 3-D Flip Foldables
  • Card Sorts/ Hands-On Labs
  • Tiles

Important Reminders

  1. Students should not be released from class without an official pass from the teacher... for an official pass see Mrs. Espinosa
  2. Doors are expected to open 10 minutes after the bell rings each period: following a tardy freeze
  3. Ear buds, food, and drinks are NOT allowed in class
  4. Staff should be visible in the hallways during passing periods, prompting students to class.
  5. All staff members are expected to model appropriate dress code per DISD policy....NO EXCEPTIONS

Viking New Teacher Academy

Friday, Feb. 5th, 8:15am

2200 Dennison Street

Dallas, TX

Attention all NEW Teachers........

If you are interested in learning strategies that will improve your classroom management, the Viking New Teacher Academy is for you! Sessions will be held alternating Fridays beginning February 5, 2016 during PLC 's.

Annual Employee Notification of District Policies

Sunday, Jan. 31st, 4:15pm

This is an online event.

Have a Viking Birthday!!!

  • Gloria Mercker 1/26
  • Udoh Edu 1/30
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Viking Spot Lights ~ Shining Stars

End of Course Exam Re-tests December 2015:

Algebra I

  • 16 point increase from Fall 2014 scores

  • 26 point increase from Fall 2014
  • 40 point increase from 2014 for LEP students

U.S. History

  • 61% passing percentage


  • 16 point increase from 2014 in Reporting Category 1
  • 3 point increase from 2014 in category 4 (Composition)

Boys Soccer vs. Thomas Jefferson

Monday, Jan. 25th, 7:30pm

9924 Hillcrest Road

Dallas, TX

Game played on Franklin Filed, behind Hillcrest High School.

Girls Basketball vs. Lincoln

Tuesday, Jan. 26th, 6pm

2826 Elsie Faye Heggins Street

Dallas, TX

Boys Basketball vs. Lincoln

Wednesday, Jan. 27th, 5pm

Sprague Stadium, Dallas, TX, United States

Dallas, TX

Girls Basketball vs. Madison

Friday, Jan. 29th, 6pm

2200 Dennison Street

Dallas, TX

Boys Basketball vs. Madison

Saturday, Jan. 30th, 10am

1720 Robert B Cullum Boulevard

Dallas, TX

Girls Soccer vs. Molina

Saturday, Jan. 30th, 2:30pm

Sprague Stadium, Dallas, TX, United States

Dallas, TX