Chrome apps for mLearning

Apps for the classroom K-12

Apps for chrome that assist and revolutionize mobile learning

Here are five apps that support mLearning, and increase the accessibility of personal education.


Diigo is the go-to app for creating and annotating your own personal compilation of information on the web. With the ability to directly annotate and bookmark websites and screenshots of information, you can easily access information you stored for a later date. With the built-in organizational tools, you can find whatever you are looking for! Diigo also embraces group learning, in that you can easily share any resources with others, and they can do the same for you. The digital library that you personally create is extremely useful in that you can access your library from anywhere that supports an internet connection.

This app would be particularly useful for Jr. high and high school classes where lots of information is presented, and group projects are unavoidable.


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Wolfram|Alpha is the savior of troubled math students across North America. It is the next generation smart calculator that seems to have no boundaries. With the Wolfram|Alpha chrome extension, you have immediate and instant access to this extremely helpful tool directly in your web browser! it can solve almost any math problem in a matter of seconds, and is accessible anywhere as long as the internet is involved.

Wolfram Alpha is essential for nearly any level mathematics classroom, and is able to support the basics of math and science, all the way to extremely complicated concepts in these subject areas.

Study Blue

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Study Blue is an app that effectively allows students or educators to create online flashcards. Flashcards have been used by many students in an attempt to study information in a condensed form. The only issue was that they needed to be handmade and brought everywhere to be used. That's where the beauty of Study Blue comes in, individuals can create flashcards just like in real life, but now they are easy to share, and extremely easy to access, whether it be on a tablet, phone, or laptop.

This app would be useful for all students trying to memorize facts, concepts, or even formulas. It could be used effectively for a student of any age.

Haiku Learning Management Systems

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Haiku is a beautiful learning management system that allows students to access the classroom virtually, from virtually anywhere. I personally believe that Haiku is a godsend, and will for sure use it in my career. Haiku allows students and educators to access course content from anywhere with an internet connection. A teacher could easily post class notes, assignments, class news, and multitudes of other forms of information for each student to access. With Haiku, students suddenly have access to almost all of the course content. Haiku essentially replaces the need to literally "hand in" homework, as it can easily be done and assess through the LMS.

A mobile and online LMS is useful for all students, but really starts to make a significant impact for high school courses.

Useful Periodic Table

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Useful periodic table is a chrome extension that allows the user to access all of the information of elements. This type of app is extremely useful for students in science, that are not always prepared with their own personal physical copy of the table. The app doesn't only just replace the need to always have a copy of the table to do homework and research, but it allows the user to find extremely in-depth information that would normally require looking at more than just a handout. It organizes in different ways to convey information in a way that appeals to more learners.

This extension would be extremely beneficial to high school students taking science courses.