Team 8-2 News

Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Holloway, Mr. Salser, Ms. Waxman

General News!

Week of March 21st-25th:

With just 14 school days left until the Georgia Milestones Testing, and 39 until the end of the school year we really need to make every minute count! Please try to help your students be on time to school each day, properly feed and rested, and with the supplies they need to be successful.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

WOW/ZAP - Just a reminder...There will not be any WOW/ZAP until after Spring Break.

Spirit Week for Hoops for Heart- March 21-25th

Monday- Super Hero Day, Tuesday- Sports Day, Wednesday-Pirate Day, Thursday- Alien/Martian Day, Friday- "Red Out Day"

March 24 Spring Pictures

March 28-April 1 Spring Break

April 8 Honor Roll Breakfasts

April 18-22 EOG Testing - Please try to avoid scheduling appointments

before 11 am this week

April 27 Progress Reports

May 13 8th grade dance 6pm-8pm

Language Arts- Ms. Waxman

During the next few weeks we will be focusing our energies on reviewing the skills sets necessary for success on the Georgia Milestones. Some of this time will be spent on having the students become more comfortable with completing their tasks in limited timeframes. This is often a struggle for them particularly with writing tasks. They need to read, organize their thoughts, determine appropriate textual evidence to use as support, and produce a final product. This requires practice to become comfortable with.

This week students will quiz on the "root word" suffixes meaning "Resembling ": ish, ly, oid, and some, . Study Stack is available for study and practice at home. The quiz is scheduled for Thursday.

As I said last week, students are expected to be continuing to read TweenTribune on a weekly basis. The goal is to achieve at least 15 points each week. While I am seeing lots of growth among those students who are taking this assignment to heart,many students fell short their goal last week, and we still have a few who made no attempt at all...Please touch base with your student to see which category they fall into...there is still time to make a positive change!

Math- Mrs. Holloway

This week in Mathematics:

Students again had homework this weekend and very few chose to complete it. Block 2 was the only block that possibly could have had students not receive the worksheet. The students had a very small part to do over the weekend. If the students choose not to do the review homework, it is very difficult for me to help them prepare for the test. The entire worksheet is due Friday. Students will have homework every day this week, and will have a review guide to take home with them over the break. The homework this week will be a mixture of new material from our final unit; solving systems of equations, and review work. They should have their tabbed Volume 1 textbook at home to look over and practice problems from. They have been encouraged to bring in questions from those sections they may still have. Please encourage your student to study and complete homework. This is the most beneficial way for students to prepare for the EOG test. Thanks for your support. Remember, there will be homework each night from now until the test. Have a great week. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

K. Holloway

Social Studies- Mr. Salser

This week we are wrapping up the modern Civil Rights Movement and modern Georgia. This week we will have Constitutional Amendments Quiz 4 (amendments 18-22) and our Unit 7 test covering the period after WWII and up to the modern Georgia era.

Science- Mr. Anderson

In the next few days, we wrap up our content on electricity and magnetism with Thursday being the day of our mastery assessment. Every student will begin an aggressive review the week after spring break in preparation for the Georgia Milestones Test. While I am not quite ready to count the days until summer, I realize it is getting close. We will continue to be learning focused as always!