The Daily Tangerine Scoop

Big facts on our small town By: Ansley LaFrance

Fresh Gossip (What's News?)

  • Paul's family moved all of the way from Texas to Tangerine, Florida.
  • Paul's house seems to be right next to an endless burning muck fire.
  • His older brother Erik joined the football team as soon as he got to Tangerine, because he is such an amazing player.
  • Paul showed the soccer team how to play ball when he previewed the middle school, and is a shoe in as the goalie.
  • Their mom didn't like the school, because some of the students have to be placed in trailers, they don't have an auditorium, and their school doesn't have a gym.
  • Mike Costello died at his football practice due to lightning.
  • His mom and Bill Donnelly, a football players dad, talked to the coach about changing the times to the morning, so lightning doesn't hit, and the coach quickly agreed after a talk with Bill.
  • Some of the other soccer players are calling him mars like his older brother Erik, so the name caught on even after they moved from Texas to Tangerine, Florida.
  • Since Paul has an IEP, so he is not eligible to play in the schools soccer team, because he is visually handicapped, so if he gets hurt insurance could remove the team.
  • Paul is very upset at his mom, because she told the coaches he was visually handicapped, which got him kicked off the team even though he could see.

Contrast of Erik Fisher's and Paul's life

Paul Fisher is a shy boy who loves to play soccer, and sometimes feels left out in his family. Erik Fisher is the complete opposite; Erik is an outgoing guy who like Paul is one of the best in his sport. He plays football and his family even made an Erik Fisher dream about all of his accomplishments. His family is all about his life and leaves Paul in the corner wondering if he is not good enough. This leads to popularity. Erik is at the top of the social food chain and gets all of the girls, while his little brother Paul is most likely at the very bottom with very little friends. You may be thinking they are completely opposite, but if we are talking about sports they are exactly identical. Erik is the best player on his team and one of the most skilled. Paul is also the best on his team even with being "visually handicapped". This is how both boys express them self, because they don't really express their emotions through words. It's a bummer Paul got kicked off the team, we believed he was going to lead them to victory. So maybe they are a lot a like in more ways than others.

Tragedy Strikes!

A tragedy occurred on Tuesday, September 5th which killed the kind Mike Costello. His team was practicing later that night and Mike was standing in the end zone leaning on the goal post when a bolt of lightning took over his body. Nobody knew what to do, because they knew right when the lightning touched his body he was dead. He went flying through the air and hit his back hard. The powerful lightning left half of his hair bold and when the paramedics came they tried their best to bring Mike's lifeless body back to life, and not even the strongest needles, and defibrillators could bring him back to earth. That day has been a horrendous tragedy and Mike Costello will forever be in our hearts.


In Tangerine there are several MOYA issues that could have occurred, but didn't. When Erik and his friend Arthur started calling Paul "Eclipse Boy", because of his vision Paul could have gotten very depressed and started to not wear his glasses which could have made the situation even worse. Another MOYA incident was when the "Erik Fisher Football Dream" started. Both his parents were more interested in Erik and his football instead of Paul and his great accomplishments. This could also lead Paul to feel depressed and may have felt no one cared about him and all of the great things he did. The last important MOYA incident occurred when Paul got kicked off the soccer team. Sometimes when kids get kicked off a team for silly reasons it un-encourages them to feel like they aren't good enough and feel worthless. This happened to me when I played basketball. When I was little I was very good and kept on getting better , until around 4th grade the coach discouraged me and made me feel like I wasn't good enough. MOYA is an important subject and things causing kids anxiety should be handled.

Keep on Swimming

Monday, Jan. 4th 2016 at 6pm

Lake Windsor Middle School

Today at Lake Windsor Middle School we will be holding swim team tryouts. Since we added an indoor swimming pool some of our students dreams can come true. The practice will be held right when we come back to Lake Windsor due to sinkhole incidents. The exact date is January 4, 2016 at 6:00 P.M. For tryouts you will need to attend with a water bottle, towel, swimsuit, and a snack for later. Please try to eat 30 before coming to practice, because if not if can cause you to have a stomach ache or it could cause you to throw up. The max for our swim team is 85 girls and boys, so good luck!

P.S. Any grade level can attend!