4B Lego Mindstorm Videos on YouTube

Who? What?

Nicholas and Sebastian – Nothing has been turned in. Michael and Hans will help you.

Michael and Hans- Completed :) Please assist Nicholas and Sebastian as well as Kevin and Dhanush.

Gunjan and Dhvani – Dhvani you work is completed, but Gunjan does not. Dhvani help Gunjan to get her work completed.

Justin and Kelvin – Justin your work is completed, but Kelvin does not. Justin help Kelvin to get his work completed and turned in.

Hina, Salma and Gabrielly – (Update) I believe Gabrielly has the original footage. I also believe Gabrielly and Salma both uploaded video to their individual YouTube Channels? Please turn in the url to your video using the Assignment post in Google Classroom (work is not graded from email address). Share your video footage with Hina and help Hina to get her work completed and turned in as well.

Kevin and Dhanush – Nothing has been turned in. Michael and Hans will help you.

All Hands On Deck!

Everyone is expected to help their partner(s) and classmates to finish. This was due on Friday. Make it work. :) Looking forward to seeing your finished products on your individual YouTube Channels.

Video Lesson sharing project description and using Clipchamp web app to record video

Phase 2 Part 2 Lego

Video lesson on how to upload clipchamp video to your YouTube Channel.

Upload video of robot to your YouTube Channel