have you seen this Langur monkey??

bristol tennessse high news.


i am Ch-ital deer looking for a langur monkey im a brown spotted deer. i have no freinds and i contuine to get hurt by tigers i need help!
he must fall under these requirements:
  1. he has to like trees in nations parks.
  2. have a warning call i can hear and understand
  3. he has to help me from danger. ill help him to
  4. WE MUST have a Mutalism relationship.
  5. he cant be afraid of tigers thats our biggest preadator.
  6. must like rainforestes.

heres more infomation on my new bestfreind.

maybe this will help you find him.

  • they live around India like me :)
  • there usually brown, black or grey, white or golden they have long tails and feet to climb.
  • there a mammals
  • there herbivores they eat plants, leaves, grass and fruit.
  • they cant swim so he wont be wearing a swim suit. there only near water when they drink from the leaves moisture.
  • might not wanna wait to long they only live up to 20 years in the wild.
  • they life in troops so if you find them look for one extra special for me.

about me

heres how to get a hold of me if you find him!
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